What Can I Do with a Degree in Marketing?

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Private companies typically exist for the sole purpose of generating a profit. While many companies make products that are highly desired by consumers, many organizations have to find effective ways to sell their products to consumers. Product sales, in many instances are augmented through the use of marketing.

Marketing represents an integrated set of activities for the organization which includes: advertising, promotions, sales and public relations. Professionals employed in marketing work in each of these areas to build an image and reputation of both the product being sold and the organization selling the product. Successful marketers are able to create a lasting impression on the public; one that enables the organization to achieve a high sales volume and profit margin.

Because of the diverse areas covered by marketing, individuals seeking employment in the field of marketing must have a broad skill set. While no specific career path is needed for a career in marketing, most professionals working in the field have at least a Bachelors Degree in marketing, business, finance, communications or public relations. Individuals seeking advancement in the field typically possess a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Degree. An emphasis on marketing, advertising or public relations for the MBA will be advantageous for career development.


Various career paths are available for the individual seeking a career in marketing. For instance, professionals may choose to enter into the field of advertising as an advertising manager. Professionals in this role will develop advertising campaigns for clients, typically working at an advertising agency. Additionally, individuals interested in a career in marketing may choose to seek a position as a marketing manager. These professionals work on developing a comprehensive program to promote the organization and its products. Strategies developed by marketing managers will be directly tied to business strategies to increase profits. Other careers that can be considered by those choosing a career in marketing include: promotions managers, public relations managers and sales managers. Promotion managers work to develop promotions programs that will attract customers while public relations managers work directly with the public and media to create an image of the organization and its product. Sales managers focus on the distribution of the organization’s products to the customer.

Industry Salary Info

Salaries for marketing specialists vary depending on the specific position held by the individual and the professional’s place of employment. Individuals employed in management positions will command higher salaries than those in entry-level jobs. Additionally, professionals with advanced degrees (MBA) will also be able to command higher salaries. Median annual salaries for all marketing professionals were $105,960 in 2008. Marketers working in automobile dealerships had higher salaries than marketers working in department stores, $107,500 and $54,560 respectively. In 2009, starting salaries for new graduates with a Bachelors Degree in marketing and related professions were $43,325. Advances in computer and communications technology have given rise to new avenues for career growth in marketing. In general, marketing professionals that receive additional education and training in computer systems and related services will be able to command higher salaries. Experience is valued in the field of marketing. As such, professionals that are able to gain extensive experience in their field will also be able to command higher salaries.

Job Outlook

Employment prospects for marketing professionals will be average between now and 2018. In 2008, marketing professionals held 623,800 jobs. Of these jobs most were in sales. Sales managers held 56 percent of all marketing jobs in 2008. The job growth projected in the field will be due, in large part, to increases in globalization and trade agreements. Marketers in all areas of the field will be needed to differentiate American products from foreign competitors. In addition these professionals will be required to develop marketing strategies that will be effective in diverse cultures. Although most positions in marketing are expected to grow in the coming years, positions for advertising and promotions managers are expected to remain flat. Reductions in the number of advertising agencies and print publications will reduce demand for marketing professionals in this specialization. Individuals with advanced degrees and some experience in the field will have access to more job opportunities.

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