Online Landscape Design Courses & Programs

Learn more about online landscape design programs and education. Find information on classes, training, job growth and salary. View popular landscape design schools that prepare students for careers in residential and commercial landscaping.

Popular Courses

The curriculum within an online landscape design program may include courses which can be completed in as little as a few months. Students enrolled in these programs may learn how to draw their ideas and blend shrubs, groundcovers, trees, and flowers into a cohesive design. Individuals may also explain how they can visualize landscaping sites and design space to enhance its appearance based on clients’ recommendations. Additionally, students may learn how to identify various types of flowers, plants, and enclosures to use for these spaces. These programs may also teach students how to determine elevation and plant placement in plans and learn how to meld hardscape features into the landscape. Core landscape design courses may include the following:

  • Green Gardening
  • Landscaping Techniques
  • Contracts and Specifications
  • Landscape Calculations
  • Pricing, Maintenance, and Customer Service
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Interior Plantscaping

Popular Programs

Students interested in landscape design may enroll in an online landscape design diploma program, which they may complete in just six months. When students enroll in these programs, they receive textbooks and study guides, and they use to forums and electronic coursework. If students struggle, they may have access to tutoring options and academic support. They may set their own schedules, and complete coursework at their own pace. Select programs may provide students a starter set of drawing tools.

Job Outlook & Salary

Upon graduation, students enrolled in online landscape design programs may find careers working as a landscape designer, grounds maintenance worker, or landscape architect. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities for those pursuing careers as grounds maintenance workers are expected to increase by 20% from 2010-2020. The BLS states that the median hourly salary of these individuals was $11.41 as of May 2010. Many of these individuals work seasonally, with spring, summer, and autumn the busiest times of year due to planting, trimming, and mowing. Job opportunities should be plentiful for those who work in areas with temperate climates.

Recommended Schools

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