Univision Partners with Khan Academy to Help Hispanic Students

“Es el momento” is an initiative that was started by Univision Communications Inc. to provide education on multiple different platforms, and the organization has just made the decision to take this one step further; they will now be partnering with the Khan Academy in order to make the information that is usually available on this site available to Hispanic students.

Reaching Out To Students across the World

The Khan Academy was established by Salman Khan, and it began as a result of Mr. Khan being aware of the fact of the limitations of many schools around the world. In order to tailor learning solutions to meet with student’s needs, he began to use the online platform to begin educating the masses, and so far he has been receiving very positive feedback with regards to his videos.

Partnering With the Academy

Univision will make use of the unique approach that the academy has taken with regards to education delivery in order to provide the same opportunity to Spanish-speaking students. As challenges are met within the world of education, it is up to institutions to ensure that they actively seek to resolve them, and this is what this organization seeks to achieve.

Providing Free Education to the Masses

The Academy does not only provide education completely free to anyone with an internet connection and the will to learn; the classes contain reliable information that can be used to improve their grades and ensure a better future for them. The videos contain high quality, informative lessons on subjects which include; mathematics, science, biology, finance, history, medicine and even art history – this means that there is something for just about everyone. Those preparing for tests such as their SAT’s can also use the site to begin studying for these, as well as to write mock examinations which will assist them in obtaining better results, and the best thing about it is that students can get their hands on all of this information at no cost.