University of Evansville Announces ‘The Big Freeze’ and 4-Year Price Guarantee

There is exciting news for students who will be attending the University of Evansville in the fall of 2013, since fixed tuition rates will follow them throughout the 4 years of their qualification. Those that apply to study at this institution will be able to take advantage of the fact that tuition for undergraduate students will be “frozen” until they complete their degree 4 years later – a decision that was made by the Board of Trustees during a meeting which was held on the 31st of July.

Taking Action With Rising Tuition Costs

According to Thomas A. Kazee, UE’s president, the institution made the decision after taking the nation’s concerns regarding tuition into account. In a recent statement, Kazee proudly announced that “in the midst of the national dialogue about college affordability and the challenging economic climate, we hear the concerns of our students and families, and we’re taking action. We are committed to making a quality college education affordable for our current and prospective students, and to help them plan for their investment by eliminating the financial uncertainty of rising costs.”

Saving Students Money

According to statistics, the annual rising costs of tuition are estimated to be around 4 to 5%, and this is why students are so pleased with the recent announcement made by UE. By applying at this institution, students can expect to pay around $29,740 per year, and over 95% of the current students attending the establishment have been granted some type of aid in order to complete their studies.

Laying Down Goals for the Future

When prospective students make the decision to visit the institution during the fall of 2012, they will be able to meet with members of the Center for Career Development, to determine which avenue of education would be best for them. This new incentive is helping students decide what they would like to do with their future, and what qualification will help them obtain these goals. Kazee recently stated that the institution cares about “where students are going before they even enroll here” and he believes that the university will “continue to support them after they graduate”. His reasoning for the necessary of these types of programs is the fact that “in today’s challenging job market, extensive career preparation and a strong alumni network will give students an advantage as they launch their careers. A UE education is a smart investment now more than ever”.

It seems as though, with the challenges faced by current and prospective students, it can be difficult to overcome all of the obstacles and obtain an education that will allow them to pave their way in the industry of their choice, but with assistance from institutions such as Evansville, they are no longer left to fend for themselves. There are currently 2,400 undergraduates studying through this university, and the programs offered are diverse. With The Princeton Review naming the institution the “Best in the Midwest”, it seems only a matter of time before prospective students begin knocking on its doors, jumping at the chance to sign up.