Ultimate Medical Academy Enhances Online Learning via Blackboard 9.1

While online education seems to be taking the world of higher education by storm, in recent years there has been something missing – the ability to interact with lecturers and students in the manner that is usually associated with brick-and-mortar establishments. With the new developments that have been made with regards to this, however, this is all about to change.

Improving Online Offerings With Interactive Platform Opportunities

The Ultimate Medical Academy, or UMA, has recently incorporate a platform called Blackboard Learn 9.1 into their program, and this is set to allow students the chance to interact with their peers and professors in much the same way as a traditional classroom. The older system, Blackboard Campus Edition 8 is going to be replaced with this new, innovative platform which will enhance the usability of the program and provide students with a better experience overall.

What Does Blackboard Learn 9.1 Have To Offer?

The introduction of this new platform will see users experiencing their interactions with peers and professionals on a much more advanced level, and the user-face itself will be much easier for students to work with. Other offerings will include tutorials, resource centers and bios of the instructors and advisors. Navigation tools are also set to improve, allowing students the opportunity to switch over from their assignments to weekly content materials in no time at all. In terms of student support, they will be able to access tools such as chat, emails and questions relating to the courses via this platform.

Benefiting The Staff, As Well As the Students

The new platform will not only benefit the students who have signed up for online classes; it is also set to improve the experience that faculty members have when using the program through a more efficient LMS loading time, as well as a more streamlined processing facility. Tasks that were previously handled manually by the faculty members can now be taken care of by the program, which is another benefit, and these include roll call, grade extracting and enrollment.

The Experience Of Students Using Blackboard 9.1

Students were expected to make the change over to this new platform by May of this year, and so far the feedback from students and faculty members has been very positive. The vice president of program development and corporate training, Gail Moore-Swaby has requested that students “share their experience with us, as we take all input into account when seeking out new opportunities for enhancements to UMA’s online healthcare programs.”

While these developments within the field of online education are constantly making this opportunity more appealing, institutions are regularly raising the bar with regards to the level of quality education that they have to offer, and this includes the manner in which the courses are conveyed. With all of the innovative developments that seem to be turning online education into a real possibility for many prospective students, it remains to be seen just how far institutions are willing to go to provide their students with the best possible experience in terms of their online education.