Twitter acquires open-source learning platform Marakana, Launches Twitter University

Online classes aren’t just for colleges and universities. Companies looking to carve a competitive advantage are seeking out ways to improve employee training via online learning platforms.

Chris Fry, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Twitter, announced Today that the social media giant has acquired Marakana, an open-source training platform.

Marakana lead by founders Marko and Sasa Gargenta have been working with Twitter for several months and plan to stay on board as Twitter launches Twitter University.

“Twitter University builds on several existing efforts at Twitter. We currently offer employees a whole swath of technical trainings, from orientation classes for new engineers to iOS Bootcamp, JVM Fundamentals, Distributed Systems, Scala School, and more for those who want to develop new skills,”
Chris Fry wrote on the company’s blog.

Clearly internal training is nothing knew especially for Twitter but the goal of Marakana would appear to be an avenue to streamline training.

Fry went on to note that Twitter University may in part even become accessible to Twitter users. “…and we aim to release some of the Twitter University content online to anyone who’d like to learn.”

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.