Stevens Institute of Technology Ranked 13th for Career Services by Princeton Review

The Princeton Review recently ranked Stevens Institute of Technology in 13th place as the nation’s institution with the “Best Career Services”. This ranking was published in the 2013 edition, which focused on “The Best 377 Colleges” in the nation, and this means that the school moved up a place from the 2011 edition.

Supporting Career Development

Students attending the Stevens Institute of Technology can take advantage of the many offerings of the Stevens Office of Career Development, which will assist them in finding the right path in terms of their careers. In order to achieve this aim, the school offers on-campus recruitment opportunities, experiential educational opportunities, workshops focused on career planning, individualized guidance, and much more. The fact that this specific office also has strong connections with employers, corporations and governmental departments means that they are a pool from which these organizations can draw their staff. Ultimately, students who are going to be studying through the institution might have a better opportunity of entering into the workplace and begin climbing the ladder of success within the field of their choice.

Students Earning Higher Salaries

According to the director of the Office of Career Development, Lynn Insley, students will not only look forward to a quality education when they enroll with the institution; as she recently put it, “Every year, Stevens graduates realize incredibly strong job placement outcomes and earn higher-than-average starting salaries.” In a country where competition is fierce in the workplace, it is important that students take advantage of every opportunity they get, and opting for a school that provides these advantages might just be the helping hand that many are looking for.

Innovation in Every Industry

The institute is not only educating students to fill gaps in the workplace; they are educating leaders of industries around the country, including in the fields of science, engineering and business. Students can look forward to opportunities such as internships, faculty-led research projects and even the chance to be included in the Cooperative Education program, which is something that about 40% of current undergrads are taking part in.

The “Best College for a Return on Your Investment”

According to Businessweek, Stevens was ranked among the institutions of the nation as one of the best colleges for a return on investment. The institute boasted a position among the top 25 in the 2012 edition, and this is no coincidence; the school has worked hard to ensure that students do not only benefit from their time at the institute – they also continue reaping the benefits when they graduate through the job placement opportunities that are being made available to them and this is turning the institution into one of the most sought-after in the country.

As the vice president for the University Enrollment and Administration, Maureen Weatherall, recently put it, “We are honored that The Princeton Review has once again selected Stevens as one of the nation’s elite colleges and universities. Our excellent career services and our beautiful Hoboken campus are just a few of the many outstanding qualities we offer to our student body.”