Stanford University to Offer 16 Free Online Courses this Fall

Stanford University has been in the process of developing new online courses to add to the ones that are already being offered by the institution, and it will all be made available during the fall of this year. The sixteen new online college courses that are being offered across two new platforms will not only allow students the chance to study a variety of new and exciting subjects; they are also available within a range of fields, including science, linguistics, mathematics, computer science, education and sociology. It doesn’t matter whether a student is interested in finance or computers; they will have their pick of subjects when they opt for one of Stanford’s free online courses.

Reaching Out To More Students

While there are other universities that have already jumped onto the online course “bandwagon” Stanford will be one of the only institutions that are choosing to offer these classes on multiple platforms. The platforms have their own strengths and unique capabilities, which makes both of them great opportunities for this university to partner with. As students go through the courses offered by the institution, they will be able to access quizzes, forums where students can interact and discuss class-based matters, video lectures and much more.

Class2Go To Host Stanford Lectures

One of the platforms that will host this university’s online courses is called Class2Go, and it was established by engineers within the institution itself. This platform will become the home of two courses; An Introduction to Computer Networks and Technology Entrepreneurship; both of which were developed by renowned professionals within their respective fields. This makes them both very appealing options for students who are looking to broaden their knowledge of these industries.

Coursera and the New Generation of Online Students

Coursera is an educational platform which has quickly grown in renown. The platform has already hit its 1 million mark, in terms of students that have signed up for its courses, and it will now host nine of Stanford’s online course offerings, which will include Human-Computer Interaction and Writing in the Sciences. This platform was developed by two Stanford University professors; Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng.

Signing Up For an Online Course

Students who are interested in signing up for one of these courses can choose to visit the platforms in order to register as an online student or visit the Stanford site directly. Those that choose to visit the official university site will not only receive information on the courses that are currently available; they will also be able to obtain information on courses that will be made available in the near future.

Studying online can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but the fact that students are able to sign up for courses that are being offered by one of the most renowned institutions in the world makes this a truly unique and inspiring option; one that hundreds of thousands of students are currently jumping at the chance to sign up for and benefit from, and this is still just the beginning.