Sierra College in Partnership with CIN to offer 7S Training

Sierra College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies, or CACT, will be partnering with the Continuous Improvement Network, or CIN, in order to offer 7S training over a 2-day period. The course will run from 8am to 5pm on the 20th of September and the 9th of October. The cost of the course is $170 per person, and this will include a daily boxed lunch for participants.

Where will the Course be Held?

On the 20th of September, participants will be expected to meet at the Sierra College Roseville Gateway campus on 333 N. Sunrise Blvd, Roseville. On the 9th of October, participants will be expected to meet up at the Rex Moor on 6001 Outfall Circle, Sacramento.

A Brief Overview of the Course

The course entitles, The 7S Principles, are based on several facets which employees can use to ensure that they are both effective and efficient within the workplace, and they include; sort, set in order, shine, safety, sustainability, standardize and sustain. It important for employees to gain a thorough understanding of what these concepts entail, as well as their importance within the workplace.

Along with the theory begin the 7S principles, the course will also include some practical tips to assist employees in improving their output in the work environment, and these include; the implementation of the 30 second rule, red tag events, organizing 7S events, establishing standards for the 7S principles and work area auditing according to these same principles. The aim to integrate both theory and practical advice is one that has long been used in the educational field to ensure that students do not only soak up the knowledge that is offered to them; they also learn how to directly apply it when the situation calls for it.