Rasmussen College Offers Job Opportunities and Tips at Career Fair

Changing a career path can be a daunting experience, which is why Rasmussen College decided to give people a helping hand by allowing them to join the career fair on Thursday, which was held at the Clock Tower Resort & Conference Center. This fair aimed at allowing people the chance to get to know the various job opportunities that are available in the area, as well as others around the country, and provide them with the chance to enroll in a course that will start them off on their new journey. Since so many people just don’t know where to start when they begin picking a new career, opportunities like this are perfect for these types of individuals.

Companies Looking to Hire, Employees Looking for Work

The event was attended by over 45 different companies and organizations within the community, many of which were ready to hire employees that were looking to alter their career paths. Rasmussen’s career services adviser, Jamie Hintz, stated that the turnout was very promising, and this was an exciting opportunity for prospective employees and organizations to get to know each other a bit better, and this is exactly what they did.

According to statistics released by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, companies have taken on new employees for 24 out of the previous 26 months in the Winnebago and Boone counties, and during the month of June, 133,200 people were employed within the area. These statistics are promising for those that are looking for new employment opportunities, especially those that are feeling frustrated, or intimidated by this lengthy and sometimes daunting process.

Getting Ready To Face Competition in the Work Place

While there might be many opportunities for employment, Hintz stated that the competition for these opportunities is high, and this means that prospective employees need to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. For instance, mock interviews are one of the preparatory options available to those who attended the fair, since the initial job interview plays such a big role in whether an individual gets the job or not. Other training sessions were also available to those who wanted to prepare themselves better for the competition that they will face when they begin applying for a position within a new company.

Job Searching Can Be Intimidating: How to Prepare For It

Preparing individuals for the job hunting process is one of the best ways to provide them with the tools that they need to find success within the industry of their choice. According to Hintz, the job searching process can be “an intimidating” one. She also understands that people “can get so frustrated, but it’s possible they’re not doing everything they can be to find work”. Along with the right qualifications, it seems that job hunters also need to be prepared to face the challenges of being screened for the positions of their choice, and this is why establishments such as Rasmussen College are doing their part to assist job seekers in equipping themselves with everything they need to succeed.