Otterbein University Receives $1.5M Gift for Equine Science

The Cincinnati Foundation recently made a donation of $1.5 million to the Otterbein University to benefit the equine program that they run. The newly renamed Austin E. Knowlton Center for Equine Science which is located on the Spring Road will be attended by 120 students who are majoring in Equine Science at the Westerville school. Austin Knowlton was once the minority owner of the Cincinnati Reds as well as being the co-founder of the Cincinnati Bengals and a successful architect. Aside from these accomplishments Knowlton also spent a large part of his life raising champion American Saddlebred as well as racing many different thoroughbreds.

Seeing the Effects on the Students

One of the students who will benefit from this investment is Jackie Moog who is currently a senior and is planning on working in the horse industry. The bureau of labor has stated that they believe jobs in the equine industry will increase over the next decade or so. By some predictions the increase could be as much as 23 percent, which is quite a significant. The studies will cover veterinary technology, pre-veterinary medicine and equine business practice and the degrees on offer give students a lot more options that simply working with horses in a barn.

There are many different students at the university and each has their own set of dreams and aspirations. As the facilities and range of courses at the school increases, it becomes far easier for future students to make their own goals a reality.

Expanding Further in the Future

The school has stated that they wish to keep increasing the size of the programs on offer and donations, such as the one made by the Knowlton Foundation, are the only way that they will be able to achieve their goal. Time will tell if the programs on offer at the school will keep increasing one a regular basis but for now it is clear that those students who are currently enrolled in classes are sure to be on the receiving end of some great benefits, and this is making these classes very popular options for students attending the institution.