Obama Signs Educational Excellence for African Americans Initiative

President Obama made a statement on Wednesday at the National Urban League conference in New Orleans that announced his plans to improve the opportunities that will be made available to African Americans in terms of education, and he intends to prioritize this growth through the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. This new initiative aims to infiltrate every facet of the educational spectrum, from entering school to the preparation for college and entering into the professional field.

Sparking a Nationwide Change in Education Delivery

Over the recent decades, the U.S school system has undergone vast changes, especially since the Brown VS Board of Education ruling which sparked this revolution. Parents who were themselves forced to attend substandard schools due to segregation now have the opportunity to send their own children to some of the most esteemed schools and universities in the country, but there are still many obstacles that need to be overcome in order to see these changes through to a successful future. At the moment, African American students still do not have the same chances of accessing higher education, as well as courses that will prepare them for the challenges within these types of facilities; the Obama initiative seeks to set this right.

Obama Seeking to Set New Record With Regards To College Graduates

The aim of this new initiative seeks to raise the number of college graduates within the country, so that America achieves the highest percentage of university graduates by the year 2020. One of the strategies that will be used to obtain this goal is by improving educational service delivery to African Americans, as well as to raise the quality of education provided to the entire population.

The Objectives Of The Education Initiative

In order to reach their goals, proponents of this initiative will aim to work on a few facets that are currently influencing the success rates of both African Americans, as well as the rest of the population, when the time comes for them to begin preparing for college. While some of these initiatives aim to assist those that are about to enter college, others begin with the foundation of education within the country. Firstly, providing the groundwork for education by increasing the number of African American children who enter kindergarten will provide the foundation for their future studies. As children become adults, the initiative aims at increasing the percentage of African Americans who have access to college, allowing them to take advantage of higher education opportunities which will benefit them when the time comes to enter into the workforce.

Education Delivery From The Ground Up

This new initiative seeks to strengthen the overall abilities of the nation by addressing issues of inequality within the education system and opening up a wider range of opportunities for African Americans who might not have otherwise been able to increase their level of education, and begin refining their skills to play a vital role in the professional industry of their choice. This is only the beginning, but many exciting promises have been made that will affect the nation across a broad spectrum if brought to fruition.