Notre Dame University of Maryland Breaks Ground on New Nursing Building

On Wednesday, the Notre Dame University of Maryland is preparing to break ground for their new building that will be allocated towards the schools of Education and Nursing. The building itself will cost the institution about $12.5 million, and it will be located behind the Doyle Hall building. The aim is to construct a facility of around 36,500 square feet, and while the exact date on which the project will be completed has not yet been set, it is thought that the School of Nursing should be completed and ready for occupation by the fall of 2013. This is an exciting new addition to the institution, and will allow for the growth of the university as the years progress; something that is important for every institution to consider.

Preparing the Nurses of Tomorrow

The reason why the Notre Dame University of Maryland is so adamant that the School of Nursing be completed by the fall of 2013 is because students who began their studies in 2011 will have completed the majority of their studies by this time, and they will need to take on the fourth year of their qualification in the year 2013. During this period, they will begin their clinical studies, and the building that has been allocated for them will need to be finished in order for them to do so. According to one of the spokespeople for the university, Nancy Carr, “The timeliness is to be prepared for those students”.

Ground to be Broken at 12:15pm

It has been recently stated that the ground on the new buildings will be broken at 12:15 pm on Wednesday – an exciting moment for the institution. The hopes and dreams for this new facility are quite grand; it will house around 2,000 students between the School of Education and the School of Nursing, and this is a large number for any institution. It was recently stated in a press release that the facility is intended to be “technologically rich”.

The School of Education

It is not only the School of Nursing which will look forward to the completion of the new building; the School of Education also has its eye on this facility and many hopes and dreams are being pinned on it. The aim of the new building is to provide students within the School of Education with a space where they can provide professional development opportunities to schools in the area that fall within the preK-12 category. It has been said that the new facility will contain a lobby, gallery and hub where individuals can get together to interact and discuss the projects that they are working on.

There will also be a Center for Caring with Technology within the facility, and this is intended to provide an education to bedside nurses. Simulation labs are going to be set up in order to provide students with training in pediatrics, labor and delivery, and other challenges that they will face during their day to day work schedules. It seems as if the nursing and education departments truly have something exciting to look forward to within the next year.