Northeastern University Launches Online Course Module: U.S. Political Conventions & Campaigns

The new educational website that is going to be launched by Northeastern University is set to be a very exciting one. The new course, “U.S Political Conventions and Campaigns” has been developed to cover the presidential campaign and the national political conventions which will be taking place in Charlotte and Tampa, and it will not only be made available to professionals within the field of education – it will also be open to members of the public and students who are interested in taking the module.

Educating New Voters on the Process of the Political Campaign

The processes entailed in presidential campaigns can be complex, and this is one of the reasons for the course being offered; it will provide students with the opportunity to go through the rich content, which will focus on some of the historical aspects of U.S campaigns, and assist in educating voters on these processes. The course will cover the past 50 years. As the Senior Fellow for the Curriculum and Instruction and the institution, Shaunna Harrington, put it, “with all the buzz about open online courses for university students, this is a rare instance of open online course modules designed specifically with the high school student in mind”.

Interviews are going to be made available on the website, and they will be conducted on 20 insiders of the world of politics, who are willing to share information and views that are not ordinary marketed by mainstream media. The course is going to throw the veil off politics, allowing future voters the chance to find out about how the process really works, and, according to a faculty member of the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, Daniel Urman, those responsible for designing the course “created the website and the open course modules to inspire current and future voters, so they can understand the entire campaign process, today, and in the context of its history”.

Capturing the Attention of Current and Prospective Voters

While politics might not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, the course has been designed to be a fun and captivating experience for students, and it is meant to persuade them to want to learn more. Since the course is aimed at a younger target market, it aims to draw the attention of future voters at a young age, so that they can be better informed by the time they make the decision to cast their vote. The module is also beneficial to current voters, who either want to brush up on their knowledge of these processes, or learn everything there is to know about political campaigning.

Enrolling For The Course

The course will be made available from the 27th of August, and students and teachers can access is on a 24/7 basis. Anyone who is interested in the module can sign up for it using the Pearson OpenClass online courseware, which is fully integrated, and they can then begin taking the first steps on their political awareness journey, which will not only benefit themselves, but also the entire nation.