MongoDB to Offer Free Online Courses via Edx

EdX is proud to announce that it will be adding yet more courses to its database by partnering with a popular online giant; a company called 10gen who will work through a database platform called MongoDB. 10gen, a company that specializes in software development has stated that it will be making use of MongoDB in order to begin offering two online courses through edX; something which has many prospective students very excited.

Joining a Group of the Educational Elite

The new classes which are being offered by 10gen will be added to the growing collection of courses from MITx, Harvardx and most recently Berkeleyx, and so the business is certainly in esteemed company. While these institutions are offering their classes through the main edX platform 10gen will actually be offering their courses via edX on the platform MongoDB; they can be accessed via 10gen’s site instead of through the usual edX site.

Technology Changing How Education is Delivered

Many institutions are now venturing into the sphere of online education in order to find out a bit more about how this is going to change the delivery of education in general. According to the edX site, the organization plans “to research how students learn and how technology can transform learning – both on campus and worldwide.”

Teaching Software Developers and Database Administrators

The classes that are going to be offered by 10gen will be provided by employees working for the company, and they aim to teach database administrators and software developers. Those that are going to be instructing the students need to be proficient at MongoDB, since this means that they will have no problem in relaying the important information over to those that require it.

A Bit About MongoDB

10gen has labeled MongoDB as a “NoSQL” database, since the company doesn’t believe that it is your average database. The platform is able to store information that resembles rows and tables – which the company calls “JSON-like documents” – and the company believes that coding in general will be significantly simplified due to this innovative new layout. For this reason, it might be a good idea for more and more students to learn how to use it. While this won’t be the first course that is being offered by 10gen, since the previous classes were being advertised at the cost of about $1,500 per course, these free online offerings might just be the opportunity that many prospective students have been waiting for – the chance to learn through 10gen without paying the high costs that are usually associated with these classes.