Manos Hired as Brandeis University’s New COO

It was recently announced that the former executive vice president of Tufts University, Steven S. Manos, will now be taking over as COO of Brandeis University, reporting to the president of the institution, Frederick Lawrence. The appointment came after Steven Goldstein ’78 who stands as the provost of the institution recruited him to the university. Manos will be in charge of general financial operations, administration and budgeting, and will hold the title of senior vice president along with chief operating officer.

Working for the Success of the Students

According to a statement made by Manos in BrandeisNOW, “Success to me does not just mean a good bottom line. It means working with academic colleagues to create a stronger faculty and to provide better education for the students.” Manos comes to the institution with a strong reputation; after all, in his 26 year tenure at Tufts, he was able to completely eliminate their deficit, while assisting the institution in becoming financially sound. In a statement made by Lawrence to BrandeisNOW, “Steve’s wealth of experience and record of accomplishment will be tremendous assets to Brandeis as we begin implementing our vision for the future.”

The History of the COO at Brandeis

The university has not had the position of COO filled since the summer of 2012. The COO and executive vice president, Jeffrey Apfel resigned after Lawrence became president, and before him, Peter French held the title for 12 years. A report that was written to review some of the positions played by the top administrators within the university explained that, “previous fiscal challenges, along with an under-developed financial analysis, planning and risk management system resulted in this organizational structure.”

About Steven S. Manos

Manos began his career by receiving a B.A from the University of Minnesota in 1962. He then went on to obtain a J.D from the School of Law at New York University in 1968, and his M.P.A from the same institution in 1974. He became the assistant executive director of the American Bar Association within Chicago, and a senior administrator of psychiatry the Cornell University Medical Center. Even after he made the decision to retire from Tufts in 2007, he remained active as a mediator when he began serving as president of the Community Dispute Settlement Center, which is a nonprofit organization that offers mediation services to the public. He can now add COO for Brandeis University to his long line of accomplishments, and it remains to be seen whether he will add as much value to this position as so many people believe.