Low Cost Online College Classes are Rapidly Growing in Popularity

The terms “free” and “cheap” will interest many more people than the words “expensive” and “pricey”. Most people don’t want to pay full price for anything that they can get for a discounted rate, or even better for no money at all. This is why low cost or no cost online schools are growing rapidly in popularity across the country. These institutes are posing a major threat to traditional post-secondary institutions, as reported by Central Michigan Life.

Free Online Learning

All across the web, people are discovering sites that actually offer specialized courses at no cost to the student. These websites sometimes provide their classes to anyone with Internet access, while others require some type of membership or enrollment. People can even find free online lectures and video classroom channels on YouTube that require no commitment or information from the user whatsoever to watch. While this may seem like a wonderful resolution for how the economy has eliminated the option of going to college for so many, it isn’t quite the alternative to high priced schools that it seems to be.

The Catch

Just like with most free things, there is usually a catch to enrolling in an open program. Many of the teachers and instructors are no more capable of offering instruction than the students; sometimes they are even less qualified to be doing so. Since they are not actually selling anything, the organizations do not have to hold any type of certifications or licensing to operate their company. They are not even required to have a business license; that means that a student would have no way of verifying if this source is at all credible. In addition to potentially questionable materials, these classes will not equate to much in the fields of employment.

Free online classes do not issue degrees or diplomas; even if they are offering high quality learning that will help the students learn a vocation or subject. While some credible organizations may offer courses as a non-profit institution, they are mainly intending to provide knowledge and a way to improve your skills in a certain area; they are typically not meant to replace degree programs.

How to Benefit from Discounted Education

The good news is there is an alternative to high priced (and overpriced!) universities and free (but meaningless) courses. Most online classes are available with tuition and fees that are much less than those offered through a campus based college. These Internet based classrooms can offer someone the same high quality education that is being taught at traditional universities. The curriculum is just as good but the prices are deeply discounted as compared to the normal tuition. Students enrolled in online colleges can save thousands of dollars in admittance costs alone.

Online Learning Offers Less Obvious Savings

Pupils of web learning are actually saving far more than just the cost of tuition. The average savings of online students versus campus students is very significant. People are paying an estimated 1/3 of the traditional cost of attending school when they turn the Internet to earn their degree. This is accomplished by spending less in areas one may not consider right away when they are looking to enroll in a post-secondary school.

The first major savings is had by those who do not have to pay for campus housing. Working adults can keep their normal job schedule and maintain full-time employment while working towards their degree. Parents of young children can save thousands a year when they don’t have to send their kids to daycare during the day. Many other savings are had when you schedule your education around your lifestyle instead of having to alter your routine to accommodate school. Couple that with the initial savings in tuition and you have the best value in quality education.