Khan Academy Releases iOS App with Over 3500 Videos

The Khan Academy has quickly become the go-to site for classes on subjects ranging from mathematics to the social sciences, and although it is already one of the most popular educational sites online, it has yet to find its limits with regards to how big it is going to become.

Investments Reaching into the Millions

The Khan Academy has already seen investments reaching the $5 million mark from companies such as Google. Students can now choose to access courses via iPad apps and Windows 8 and there are also certain versions of the classes available to Android users. Ultimately, the aim is to allow as many people as possible the chance to access the education that they deserve, and it seems that they are well on their way to making this happen.

Videos Ranging from Mathematics to Politics

The founder of the Khan Academy, Salman Khan, might have started out small by filming video lectures on subjects such as Mathematics and Science, but students can now find a wide range of topics being offered on the site, as well as practice tests that will allow them the chance to improve their grades. What started out as one uncle’s aim to assist his nephews and nieces in obtaining better grades has now spread across the world. The lectures range from between 5 to 10 minutes, and this means that students will not easily lose focus on the topics at hand. According to the academy, the new iPhone app that has just been released will be less interactive than the app available through the iPad, but this makes it no less informative. Those that would like to download the Khan Academy for iOS simply need to visit the app store to do so.