Khan Academy President Says Online Learning Creates a Personalized Experience

The president of the Khan Academy, Shantanu Sinah, will be taking to the stage at the West Michigan Policy Forum to discuss education and how this subject should be tackled in the near future. The Academy was established as a way to reach out to children who might have found it difficult to keep up with their school curriculum, and the success of these videos have put the institution into the limelight and drawn a lot of attention to its aims. Technology is one of the main focuses of the Academy, and the organization is attempting to use it to benefit students all over the country.

Personalizing Educational Instruction

According to Sinah, the aim of incorporating technology into the classroom is to personalize the learning experience that students receive at school. “Students right now are kind of forced into a system where they’re pushed forward in almost assembly line model in their classrooms,” he stated, “You can use technology to personalize the instruction and target what their individual needs are. You can fill those gaps and, when you do that and when you empower students to do that, they really run with it. The learning is so much more productive.”

Experimenting with Technology in the Classroom

The goal of this new initiative is not to replace traditional instruction altogether, but to supplement learning with technological models that will assist students in obtaining an optimal education from the institution that they choose to attend. Right now, this dream is still a long way off from being realized, but the initial steps have already been taken; some schools are going to be taking advantage of the lectures developed by the Khan Academy to determine how effectively they will work within a classroom. With the information from these types of trials, educational institutions can determine whether it is time that they take advantage of these opportunities on behalf of their students. Once there have been institutions that have forged the path forward, others will quickly make the decision to join and this is what the Khan Academy and professionals such as Sinah are looking forward to.