Khan Academy Offers Summer Camp Offline

Salman Khan is known for allowing students the opportunity to enroll for online courses which tackle subject matter ranging from mathematics to art, but he is now going to take his offerings a step further by allowing his students to enroll for summer camp. The Khan Academy summer camp will be held in Palo Alto in California, and it will last for about two weeks- just enough time for students to really get their hands dirty.

The Activities Offered At The Camp

During the two-week camp, students got the chance to broaden their skills within the field of electronics, and this included building robots and taking apart household electronics. The students were also taught the statistics involved in gambling, although they were cautioned against this enterprise by Mr. Khan. One of the main aims of this camp was to start a conversation between the students, as this is something that is often lacking in an online-based classroom. The camp also aimed to bring the theoretical aspects of the classroom into a practical field, whereby students are able to take what they have learnt and actually apply it in the real world.

Khan’s Reply To Critics Of His “School”

The critics claim that Mr. Khan’s methods might be outdated, and they criticize some of the methods that he used to instruct his students through the medium of the internet, but he states that they misunderstand his aims, which are to allow students the opportunity to apply what they learn online to the real world. His main goal is to build a school, something which he has been planning to do for many years now, and the summer camp is a way for him to determine how well his methodologies are working.

Attending The Summer Camp

Students who attend the summer camp are expected to pay about $1000, and it is aimed at those who are attending middle school. The sessions include a small number of students – less than 25 – and there are about three of these sessions in total.

Who Is Mr. Khan?

Mr. Khan holds degrees in the fields of business and mathematics, and he offers his online classes at no cost, relying completely on donors to provide him with the funding to continue educating the youths. While he does not have plans to begin charging for his classes, projects such as the summer camp do assist him in being able to sustain his courses. The camp grounds are rented from a school, and this is where Mr. Khan brings children of all ages together, to determine how well they are able to work as a team. His methodologies include documenting all of his strategies, as well as the outcomes of his projects, which will allow him to instruct other teachers on how they can use these same concepts in their own classrooms, to improve the quality of their instruction.

In some ways, Mr. Khan seems to be changing the way that teachers think about education, but only time will tell whether he will be able to contribute to the field of education in the manner that he intends.