Internship Fair a Huge Success at Illinois Wesleyan University

Students are suddenly rushing around trying to get their resumes in line, their suits pressed and their best ‘hire me’ smile on their faces. This may seem a little unusual but this is how things go when the Illinois Wesleyan University Internship fair comes around. The fair gives students an opportunity to impress potential employers in 30 seconds or less with the hopes of gaining some work experience with the company in question. The potential employers range from large worldwide companies such as Caterpillar Inc. right the way through the scale to small locally owned businesses such as events managers or wedding planners. The attendance figures this year is set to be 239 students who are trying their best to impress around 50 different companies.

Why choose an internship?

Although some companies use interns as cheap or free labor, others look to them as a kind of long term interview. In effect the company gets twelve weeks with a potential employee to see what they are capable of. If this still does not convince you as to the merits of the program then you should consider that 50 percent of the interns that have an internship at GROWMARK are offered a full time position. In effect it is an opportunity for both the employer and the employee to get a feel for the position they have chosen as a potential career path.

What it takes to be an Intern

Being an intern is no simple task; many employers stated that they would be looking for interns that show enthusiasm, leadership experience on campus and a passion to learn. In some cases it was even noted that previous internship experience would be a big plus. This fact points towards the trend that companies of all sizes are looking to hire self-starters; people who are willing to go that extra mile to be noticed. Students from as young as the Class of 2015 made an appearance at the Illinois Wesleyan University Internship fair, with one student in particular noting that she wanted to be an early starter and create a solid groundwork for her future in the working world.