Howard University to Offer an Online Executive MBA

An online education is one of the most chosen modes of study in today’s day and age. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that online study allows for a large amount of flexibility in terms of time as well as offers more control over the duration and intensity of the course. Statistics show that more and more students are choosing to engage online study options through traditional as well as online schools.

Here comes Howard

In keeping with this upward trend, Howard University has announced the start of a brand new curriculum for their online degree option. The online Executive MBA program will be an all inclusive study program that will be conducted online from this academic year. This will certainly put a smile on the faces of students who want to pursue their bachelor’s degree but also start their professional career after obtaining their bachelor’s.

Course Aims

The online orientation program for this inaugural class was conducted in December and regular classes have begun now. Most of the students in the Howard University online Executive MBA program are executive and administrators who are choosing to add an accredited college degree to their resume. Formal academic training is set to start this week and the course material includes a fundamental understanding of business basics and concepts as well as an insight into how the management is expected to work, how to think like a leader with a strategic perspective and fit into the role of senior leadership.

More Knowledge

Howard University is one of the top business schools in all of America and is recognized as one that has catered predominantly to the African American masses throughout history. This online college class adds to the legacy of the University and the final aim of the course is to churn out young professionals and leaders who can take the requisite steps in the world of global business. There are many opportunities overseas because this is where much of the growth is while America is mired in a recession. With a master’s degree such as this, your options are expanded. The program hopes to equip them with the necessary skill as well as the ability to think from different perspectives that will set them apart in the business world.

The University is rightly excited about the start of this online degree program since it will be their first ever and will be seen as a milestone in the history of this esteemed institute.

Course Pattern

The online Executive MBA curriculum has been designed in a way that ensures that students will be able to complete the course work within a period of 18 months. The study program consists of over 42 credit hours and an online format of lectures that are scheduled to meet the needs of students who are attempting to obtain an MBA while still working at the their full time jobs. This entire trend was started by Univ. of Phoenix and the 18 month schedule is similar to University of Phoenix’s MBA program as well.

Accredited and Reputed

Howard School of Business is an accredited university that is ranked in the top echelon of U.S. Business Schools as stated by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. They have received their accreditation from the prestigious authoritative body known as AACSB International. The MBA program that the college offers has been repeatedly ranked as the No. 1 program and called the “Greatest Opportunity for Minority Students” by the esteemed Princeton Review.

Founded in 1867, Howard University has made a name for itself by being one of the best institutions in the country. Applying for future courses and this particular online MBA study program is made easy by the use of their website which is

This private and research oriented University consists of 12 schools and colleges and the Howard School of Business is one of these. The University is well known for delivering the highest number of on campus Ph. D. recipients who are African American. The fortunate few who have been accepted in the first online Executive MBA course will have plenty of learning and experience to look forward to.