Hope College Nursing Program Earns Statewide Award

Hope College and Michigan State University recently entered into a partnership that now sees nursing graduates going for their doctoral degrees, and they have both received the “Building Michigan’s Health Care Workforce Award” because of this new and exciting initiative. The recipients of the award within the category “Training and Education Strategies” went to Dr. Susan Dunn of Hope College and Dr. Barbara Given and Mary Mundt – both of whom work for Michigan State University and it was presented to these professionals on the 13th of November at the annual meeting of the organization.

Training the Nurses of Tomorrow

According to the president and the CEO of the Michigan Health Council, Anne Rosewarne, “Hope College’s Department of Nursing has developed a program to address one of the most critical bottlenecks in nursing education: the lack of qualified faculty to train future nurses. Training enough nurses is critical to providing high-quality care to meet the dual challenges of an aging workforce and expanded health care access.”

This new program was put together back in 2009 and the aim is to allow talented nursing staff the chance to fulfill their potential as nurses through an accelerated program that will see them obtain Ph.D. through a specialized nursing program within MSU. The ultimate aim is to see these professionals go on to work as researchers and teachers within this field.

Applying for a Position within the Program

Those that would like to obtain a position within the program at MSU from Hope might want to consider applying for the seminar that will assist students in getting to know the various roles that they could fill upon graduation, as well as help them get to know a bit more about the available programs. The transition from Hope to MSU will also be made easier by faculty and administrative staff members within the institutions, allowing students the chance to make the most of this experience. The program has been accredited by the CCNE, or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, as well as approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing; this makes it a great option for just about any nursing graduate.