Harrison College to Award 10 Scholarships to Military Spouses, Dependents

Harrison College, which is a private sector institution based in Indianapolis, currently boasts 4,500 students within its 14 land-based campuses, as well as its online courses. The institution has recently made an exciting decision to award 10 scholarships valued at $2,500 each to dependents and spouses of those within the military.

Applying for the Scholarships through Harrison College

Those that are interested in applying for one of these scholarships will have to ensure that they submit the appropriate application forms by the 30th of September 2012. Application forms can be obtained via the following link: www.harrison.edu/scholarships. Along with the form, applicants should include an essay of 500 words which outlines the difficulties that spouses or dependents face when trying to obtain a secondary education. A letter of recommendation should also be included. A valid Dependent Military Identification Card, as well as a certificate stating that the individual has either graduated high school or obtained their GED need to be submitted, and those that are approved for the scholarships will find out on Veterans Day, which takes place on November 11, 2012.

The Specifics of the Scholarships

While the student is enrolled at the institution, they will need to ensure that their GPA remains at a minimum of 2.5. The scholarship will be handed out over three terms during their studies.

Giving Back to the Veterans and their Families

According to Harrison College’s president, Jason Konesco, “The spouses and dependents of the members of our military are our country’s unsung heroes. We appreciate the sacrifices that they have made and hope that this program will give them increased access to higher education.” The number of institutions that have become involved in assisting veterans and their families in accessing education is rising, and this is an indication that the need for this assistance exists. It should also be noted that Harrison College provides students who are attending the facility with around $500,000 worth of scholarships every year. Institutions such as this are the ones that build up a nation, and these actions will hopefully inspire many other establishments to do the same.