Georgetown University Partners with edX to Offer Free Online Courses

Georgetown University is going to be joining up with the likes of Harvard and MIT to begin offering courses through the online educational platform edX, and this new development has many prospective students delighted at the thought of free online courses.

Signing up for a Course

According to the Georgetown University Provost, Bob Groves, “Anyone who has internet access could enroll in these courses. The idea is that we use the best professors from the best universities to teach the best courses we can to the world.”

The Rise of edX

edX might have only just established itself within the world of education, but it has quickly become quite a force to be reckoned with. According to the recent statistics, the platform boasts around 500,000 users, and it has already partnered up with 6 universities – Georgetown among them. The university, meanwhile, is going to be given the chance to show off some of their strongest courses through the platform, and this is just as exciting. According to the president of Georgetown, John DeGioia, “We have great strengths in humanities and social sciences. We have a lot of strength in policy studies and law and business and medicine.”

Giving Prospective Students the Chance to Thrive

Prospective edX students can be found both at universities such as Georgetown and outside of these higher education institutions, since the platform is open to just about everyone, and it is clear that many people are already excited at the prospect of taking advantage of these courses. While university students are excited about being able to supplement their own studies, it also allows the average person the chance to access higher education without the added costs.

Completing an edX Course

Once a student has completed a course through this platform, they will be able to receive a certificate of completion; credits are not yet available through this source.