Excelsior College in Partnership with GE Announces Credits-for-Work Initiative

Excelsior College has recently announced that GE employees now have the opportunity to receive almost 50 credits if they choose to complete the renewable energy services course that is being offered by the company. This follows the institution’s desire to begin training more people in the field of renewable energy in the hopes of expanding those that are currently working within this industry. The course itself is intensive, although employees will then be able to put the credits towards a degree within the field.

What Does The GE Course Entail?

In order to be able to complete the course, employees at GE will need to ensure that they are able to undergo about 500 hours of classroom lectures, as well as practical training on the subject of wind turbine components. The training will take place at the Energy Learning Center in New York, which happens to the headquarters of GE’s renewable energy business.

What Can Students Expect From The Training?

Those that have previously completed the course were able to improve their skills as technicians, especially in terms of safety. The students were instructed on how to conduct inspections and repairs of the wind turbines, which allows them to work directly within this field once they have completed their studies. Those that have undergone this course will then be able to receive their 49 credits from Excelsior College, which is one of the most renowned non profit higher education institutions in the country, as well as being accredited.

The credits obtained by the students will go towards a bachelor’s in Technology Management, which can then be used to further their education. According to the president of the college, Dr. John F. Ebersole, the establishment is very happy about the collaboration with GE, and he believes that they aim to “reach a new segment of the competitive adult education population”.

Students Looking Forward To Their New Career Prospects

It is not only the college itself that is happy about this new course; the students are just as proud of this new addition. Travis Anderson completed the course and was one of the first employees to do so. He recently stated that, “the renewable energy college credits program with Excelsior College is important to us as GE employees because it recognizes the value of our training and rewards us for our classroom and practical work experience”.

The Dawn of a New Era For GE

This new addition to the offerings that GE has made available to its employees happens to be the first one that sees the company partner with a college based in the U.S to allow employees the chance to obtain credits through their work experience. The company has, however, connected with other institutions around the country in order to be able to train individuals who are interested in this field and are seeking to develop their skills and knowledge of the industry with the hopes of being employed as engineers or technicians.

As the need for educated employees becomes more and more apparent, many more businesses will be seen partnering with universities all over the country, and it seems as if this is one of the many positive impacts that education is having on just about every industry around the globe.