Dillard University Celebrates Nursing School’s 70th Anniversary

An exciting event will be taking place on the 11th of November at 5 p.m. – the 70th anniversary of the School of Nursing within Dillard University – and it is something that many people are looking forward to celebrating along with the faculty members, students and other employees of the institution. Tickets to the grand event will cost $70 and this is a very worthy cause to support since the money will all be going to students who require scholarships to attend the institution.

What to Expect From the Big Event

The event will take place within the Professional Schools and Sciences Building, and guests can expect to receive a grand reception, as well as dinner and entertainment in the form of a live band. Guests can also look forward to a documentary on the history of the institution and the guest speaker is Mackie Harper Norris, a graduate from the class of 1960.

Purchasing a Ticket to the Event

Those that would like to purchase a ticket to the big event simply need to visit the office of the cashier in the Rosenwalk Hall. Tickets will only be sold during business hours. Those that are interested can also choose to contact Travis Chase at 504.816.4713. It might be best to ensure that guests get their tickets early due to the fact that this is a popular event and one that is proudly celebrated my members of the institution, as well as its supporters.

Founders Day Convocation to Take Place Before the Big Event

It is important to remember that the event will proceed the Founders Day Convocation, which starts at 3.30 p.m. in the Lawless Chapel. Those that would like to attend this event do not have to worry about purchasing tickets, since it is free and anyone from the public can choose to attend.