DeVry University Opens their Newest US Campus

Just a few weeks ago, DeVry University held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newest campus in Lynnwood, Washington. While this prestigious college already had two campuses within the Puget Sound region, the Lynnwood location represents the first area school that is open year-round in order to allow career-minded individuals to graduate faster than ever before. College classes can be taken on campus, online, or in any variety of the two methods.

One Registration Gives Access to Three Campuses

One interesting feature about DeVry University’s new Lynnwood campus is that students are completely free to mix-and-match their course schedules and attend classes at the Lynnwood, Federal Way, or Bellevue campuses. While each campus offers similar curriculums and degree programs, DeVry felt that the added flexibility for each student would ensure that there would always be plenty of course openings available so that students could truly set their own graduation date. The added benefit of being able to take online college classes allows for even the busiest professionals to return to school and complete the formal education.

The DeVry Difference

This new campus will offer both undergraduate and graduate curriculums for individuals seeking a formal education in business administration, computer networking, graphic design, communications, and several other popular fields. Unlike traditional universities within the area, DeVry offers a healthy mix of class schedules that allow students to attend day, evening, and weekend classes as their schedule permits. Since this college is known for being extremely flexible when it comes to working with students who are already involved in a career or family, it has become one of the premier learning destinations in the world today with over 90 physical campuses located throughout the United States and Canada. Of course, a large percentage of their overall student body comes via the Internet so they literally have alumni located in almost every major city on the planet.

Besides the convenience of flexible class schedules, a number of students end up choosing DeVry University over similar institutions because of their long-standing track record of preparing professionals to enter the workplace with the skills necessary for success. DeVry University was founded way back in 1931 in downtown Chicago and it has served as a beacon for students that are serious about quality education ever since. The new Lynnwood campus is merely one example of a long-standing 80 year tradition and academic excellence.

DeVry University Online

With the recent explosion in popularity over distance learning educations, it is also worth noting that DeVry University dedicates a large amount of their overall resources to educating students within the comfort of their own homes. While this may seem like a difficult concept for some, DeVry has done an excellent job in streamlining the educational process so that there is little difference between sitting inside where there are classrooms and viewing a professor over the Internet. Each method ensures that students receive the identical education regardless of whether or not they actually attend a physical campus.

In fact, a number of DeVry’s current student body has commented that they actually prefer taking online classes in certain subjects. Not only is this method of study faster and more convenient for the average individual, but it also eliminates the commute time and rushing across campus in between managing a career and/or a family. This convenience can literally add up to hours of saved time each day and for many students; that benefit makes all the difference in the world when it comes to being able to graduate.