Creighton University Honored for Educational Excellence

The honor of being one of the 71 Catholic universities and colleges to be included within’s list of institutions known for their educational excellence has been awarded to Creighton University. The poll is one that is nationally run, and in order to be listed among some of the best institutions in the country, a college or university has to meet with the high standards set out by this website.

Meeting with the Minimum Requirements for “Excellence”

In order to be included in the list set forth by the Colleges of Distinction site, these institutions first have to be nominated by counselors within neighboring high schools. Once the institutions have been nominated, the individuals responsible for compiling the list will then focus on four different facets to determine whether or not the institution deserves to be honored for their “educational excellence”, and these include; the engagement of the students within the institution, the general atmosphere of the college community, the quality of the instruction and the success of graduates who complete their qualifications within an institution.

Students Engaging With the Institution

Students who feel part of a university are more likely to become loyal to the institution, and therefore they will ensure that they hold up the standards set forth by the establishment.

The General Atmosphere of the College Community

This type of atmosphere is important to enhance the quality of the experience for students attending the institution, and in order to find out a bit more about it, researchers generally need to turn to the students themselves.

The quality of Instruction

Without quality instruction, even the best institution will fail to provide its students with the tools they need to succeed in life. Quality instruction not only ensures that students understand the work that they are being taught; it assists in raising the quality of the overall experience they receive from the institution itself, and this is an important part of the higher education experience.

Graduate Success Rates

Students who have completed their studies at an institution and then gone off to find success within the field of their choice are usually the ones that were able to benefit from the time they spend at their university or college.