Coursera Inspires Arizona Universities to Offer Free Online Classes

In the past few months, Coursera has rapidly been rising in popularity and it recently celebrated its 1 millionth registered user. This platform and other MOOCs are making it possible for millions of students to gain access to courses online, and the best thing about them is that they are absolutely free. The popularity of these new courses is what is making it possible for universities within Arizona, such as Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University to begin considering offering their own educational courses online.

Choosing the Online Courses

According to John Haeger who is the president of Northern Arizona University, the institution is in the process of picking out the courses that it is going to offer online; a process that is both exciting and challenging. Once the courses have been picked out, Haeger hopes that they can begin offering them to the public as early as the summer.

Revolutionizing the Manner in Which Education is Delivered

Many people, including Haeger, are under the impression that MOOCs are going to change the manner in which education is delivered, but he believes it to be a positive change that will benefit institutions and their students. According to him, “It offers the university a way to change its delivery system, and in effect, it could lessen the cost of an undergraduate degree, which is in the student’s best interest.”

ASU Plans to Go Ahead With Online Plans

According to Phillip Regier, the dean and executive vice provost of ASU, the institution plans to offer its very own MOOC in August, and the establishment plans to ensure that it will stand apart from those being offered by other institutions around the country. In order to achieve this, the establishment plans to make use of a range of subjects in the development of the course, instead of simply focusing on one. Regier describes it as a showcasing of “all of the areas around ASU and what the university does in terms of knowledge-creation.” This specific course will be offered through the institution’s own site, as the establishment has no plans to team up with a platform such as Coursera or edX.