Coursera Adds Three Free Courses on Statistics

The online educational platform called Coursera has been making waves in the world of higher education, and with the recent announcement that 12 of the nationa’s most esteemed universities would be offering courses through this platform certainly made people sit up and pay attention. The platform already boasts 121 different courses in 16 subjects, and this includes everything from mathematics to design. In September, the platform will broaden these offerings with classes on statistics.

Princeton University to Offer Statistics One

Andrew Conway, a professor from Princeton University, is going to start off the classes within this subject with a course called Statistics One. This course will run for six weeks and students do not have to have a background in this subject in order to understand the classes. Following this, Professor Roger D. Peng from John Hopkins University will be offering a course called Computing for Data Analysis, which will run for 4 weeks. Lastly, Professor Brian Caffo will complete the trio with a course called Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp. This course will run for 7 weeks, and students will require a background in calculus in order to follow the classes.

What to Expect from the Classes Offered by Coursera

Individuals who have signed up for the courses offered by Coursera and the associated universities can expect to find new course materials every week, which include video lectures, homework assignments and tests. It is though that students should focus on their classes for around 3 to 5 hours every week, and it is important for them to submit the relevant assignments if they plan on passing. Organizing is a key facet to passing these classes, and students are advised to take note of the relevant deadlines to ensure that they do not miss out on anything. Those that are looking to expand their knowledge and take part in the exciting online education revolution should visit Coursera’s website to enroll for a class or two; the variety of these courses will ensure that just about everyone can choose a subject that interests them, and this is what makes the platform so intriguing.