Some College Students Average Nine Drinks Per Night

Startling new information has been released from the CDC that suggests binge drinking is on the rise in this country. Binge drinking is typically considered to be alcohol consumption in order to become intoxicated. Usually this means the consumption of more than 4 drinks in a reasonable time period by one person. This may be one night a week for some people but this report is suggesting it is far more frequent than that. The stats on binge drinking amongst college aged adults are downright disturbing.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

For many years parents and others have had their suspicions about what really goes on at a campus. Denial and smoke screening from campus officials have kept people in the dark about the dangers and temptations of alcohol amongst students. There is no denying the epidemic of alcohol abuse on campus with these new statistics being released from the CDC. The average binge drinker is said to consume an average of seven drinks in one night but the college age group blows that number out of the water with an astonishing 9 drinks per binge session.

Why is This Happening?

Younger people are under the pressure of living up to their parent’s standards as well as the impossible standards they set for themselves. Adults with more established lifestyles and families of their own may feel even more stress than their fellow students because not only do they have to succeed; they have to support their family, and have to find time for their spouse and kids. Many people also juggle jobs while they put themselves through school. Older pupils also have to deal with the fact that if they fail they are wasting their own money. Not to say younger students aren’t aware of the financial consequences, but they are not the ones who are paying most of the time. With this kind of pressure on their shoulders it is no surprise that they turn to substance abuse to cope.

Peer Pressure on Campus

Now couple the pressure to succeed with peer pressure and you have a ticking time bomb. A campus consists of thousands of people that are all under stress, and much of the time they are also under the same roof. No matter how strong you think you are (or how strong you think your son or daughter is) the weight of social pressures that run rampant on a campus could sneak up on you. First it starts with having a few drinks to celebrate that exam you passed, then it turns into having an unwind session with a study group that is spiced up with free flowing drinks. Before you know it you are devoting more time to partying and little time to studying…it happens far too often.

The Solution

When you have made the decision to further your education, you are deciding to make an investment in your future. You are going to devote large amounts of time and money in order to gain the education and training you will need for a brighter future. This is not a commitment to take lightly. Just like with many other serious temptations, the key to keeping yourself out of trouble is to stay away from it altogether. Many students are now making the responsible decision to take their education to the Internet and are enrolling in online college classes to avoid the on-campus lifestyle.

This works in a few different ways to keep you from being tempted to binge drink. The most obvious reason is that it takes you away from the type of people who will pressure you into engaging in risky behavior. Another major reason online learners are successful is that they can schedule their education around their life, not the other way around. You can still have a job, kids, a spouse, and social life without missing out on vital education. This removes the high stress element of campus life and therefore removes the need to cope with alcohol.