College of Mount Saint Vincent Staff, Students Give Back to Community

On the 20th of October 2012, staff members, alumni, administrators, faculty members and the students of the College of Mount Saint Vincent will get together to take part in the institution’s very first ‘Day of Service’. The aim of this new initiative is to go out to various locations within the community and complete projects which will ultimately make life just a bit easier for many members of the Yonkers and Bronx communities through a range of projects, such as food and housing initiatives.

Giving Back to the Community

The aim of the Day of Service is to give back to the community, and the inaugural day of this special, annual event will indicate the beginning of their efforts to ensure a better, brighter future for the people within the areas in which they intend on working. According to Cecilia Harriendorf, the Director of the Office of Campus Ministry and one of the organizers of this big event, “At the College of Mount Saint Vincent, service isn’t a requirement. It’s a way of life. It’s who we are and who we hope our students will become – men and women of care, concern and service to others.” It is clear that this initiative means a lot to the institution, as well as the many others that are involved.

Planned Activities for the Day of Service

The activities that will be taking place on the Day of Service include, among others;

• A cleanup of Van Cortland Park
• A food service to homeless men and women within NYC
• A cleanup of the College of Mount Saint Vincent campus
• A soup kitchen within the Bronx
• A home building initiative for families within Greystone Gardens

These various initiatives will ensure that community members are able to benefit from the project in a range of different ways. Individuals who would like to sign up to volunteer for these initiatives can contact the Campus Ministry on (718) 405 – 3229 and choose from the many projects that will be taking place on this special day. With initiatives such as this, it is clear why the university has such as pristine name within its community.