College of the Atlantic Study Finds Art Increases Awareness in Students

Art has the ability to do many things; inspire, spur on change and even increase awareness in students concerning the world around them. The College of the Atlantic recently began a show within the Ethel H. Blum Gallery that revolved around Robin Owing’s experiments with sound and drawing. The show was previously home to Lindsey Nielsen’s display that included watercolors of birds, seals and whales; basically, creatures she was lucky enough to come across while studying the landscape on the offshore islands of COA.

Residuum and Exploring the Self

According to Robin Owings, her show called Residuum is all about “exploring self through the remains of household objects; an installation of two sided drawings and sounds.” This show saw Owings draw with both hands; ultimately creating artwork simultaneously, and filming the entire process.

Nielsen Gets In Touch with Nature

While Owings might have focused on objects inside the home, Nielsen was more interested in what lay outside, and her work is certainly a reflection of this. She defines her work through her title; “Interpreting Nature Through Art and Science” and to her this is a personal journey, since this is the manner in which she strives to understand the natural world. In order to create her work, she uses mostly watercolor but also adds in some charcoal, pen and ink. She doesn’t make use of photographs to capture the images that she puts down on paper; instead, she works from observation alone. As she says, “patience is key” when it comes to capturing these images, and by the looks of things, she is definitely doing something right.