Central College has Massive Success with Campus Intern Job Fair

The students of Central College certainly have a lot to offer companies and governmental organizations, and this became clear at the Campus Intern Job Fair which took place at the Graham Conference Center on Thursday the 1st of November.

Returning for Valuable Human Resources

According to one of the senior communications majors, Lindsey von Gillern, “A lot of the companies came back this year because they had such good experiences with Central students they had hired as interns.” Potential employers had no short supply of interns to choose from; this year, student turned up by the dozen to begin practicing their interview skills, submit their resumes and generally get a feel for the companies that they might end up working for in the near future. According to a student from the actuarial sciences department, Kory Borcherding, “I thought the fair was a great way for students to interact and network with regional employers and discover opportunities.”

Employers Jumping at the Chance to be Included

Since employers were so excited to be included on the big day, many of them started contact the Career Center to find out whether they would be given an invitation to the establishment on the day, and the school was more than willing to oblige. Pat Kitzman, the director of the Career Canter stated that, “we were thrilled with the number and variety of employers who attended and their enthusiasm about Central students as potential interns. We were also happy that 150 students attended and received helpful information about future opportunities.”

Planning for the Future

It is during events such as these that students get the chance to begin planning the future, and this is exactly what many of them did. The seniors were especially excited to begin searching the crowds for potential employers. An economics major and senior student, Nick Beyer, stated that, “It was nice to meet a variety of employers that are excited to meet college students. As a senior graduating in May, I was glad to see a lot of the employers were not only interested in offering internships, but also full-time positions after graduation. I got to know a lot of people, and I have already been in contact with several of them in search of a career.”