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Twitter acquires open-source learning platform Marakana, Launches Twitter University

Online classes aren't just for colleges and universities. Companies looking to carve a competitive advantage are seeking out ways to improve employee training via online learning platforms. Chris Fry, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Twitter, announced Today that the social media giant has acquired Marakana, an open-source training platform. Marakana lead by founders Marko and Sasa Gargenta have been working with Twitter for several months and plan to stay on board as Twitter launches Twitter University. "Twitter University builds on several existing … [Read more...]

Samsung Partners with Khan Academy for Classroom Tablets

Nine teachers within the Mountain View Whisman School District will be making use of the Galaxy Notes device which is operated using a stylus pen and will runs on a 1.4GHz processor, as well as an operating system from Google's Android. The device will have the Khan Academy app already loaded and ready to instruct willing students within the classroom. This is a very exciting initiative for the institution, and one that is being seen as a test of the device and app, and how well these items will function within this setting. Samsung Educating the Children In a recent … [Read more...]

Bucknell Students Create an App for Weight Loss Surgery Candidates

Due to high obesity rates within the U.S, professionals are calling this issue an "epidemic", and this means that innovative thinkers are being called upon to find solutions to these issues. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that 1 in 3 adults in the country can be classified as obese, as this number is set to rise. Surgery is a very appealing option to many of these individuals, as it can greatly assist in helping them to shed the weight. Long Term Results According to the director of the Geisinger Health System's Obesity … [Read more...]

Bowdoin Alumni Secure $10 Million in Funding for EverFi Venture

A web-based software company, Bowdoin College alumni Ray Martinez, Jon Chapman and Tom Davidson has recently received funding of $10 million to assist them in their goals of teaching adults the art of managing their money. Ray, Jon and Tom are all Bowdoin College alum The funds were donated by some of the top ranked venture capital firms and CEO's, including Evan Williams, the founder of Twitter and jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, among others. Learning Lifeskills with EverFi At this moment, EverFi is expanding at an incredible rate, and it currently … [Read more...]

Amazon to Rent Print Edition Textbooks to College Students

Textbooks have always been one of the biggest expenses for students seeking a higher education, and Inc. is set to assist them with this by offering students the opportunity to "rent" the textbooks that they need, and upon the return of the books, students will receive around 70% back of the costs of these materials. Renting Textbooks From According to the company, the average student will pay about $183.39 for a biology textbook, but they can get their hands on the same book for the rental fee of $47.25. Students will rent books per semester, … [Read more...]

Six Tech Companies Reshaping Higher Education

Higher education is in high demand, and this need is rising sharply with studies estimating that over 150 million more people will seek qualifications within the next decade. As technology increases, people are now looking for ways to bring education into this domain, and a few innovative startups are proving that nothing is impossible when some of the greatest minds of our generation put their heads together in an effort to bring education to the masses in a way that was never possible before. These 6 tech companies are making waves in higher education. 1. 2tor 2tor … [Read more...]

Ultimate Medical Academy Enhances Online Learning via Blackboard 9.1

While online education seems to be taking the world of higher education by storm, in recent years there has been something missing – the ability to interact with lecturers and students in the manner that is usually associated with brick-and-mortar establishments. With the new developments that have been made with regards to this, however, this is all about to change. Improving Online Offerings With Interactive Platform Opportunities The Ultimate Medical Academy, or UMA, has recently incorporate a platform called Blackboard Learn 9.1 into their program, and this is … [Read more...]

Bryant & Stratton College Launches Online Mobile App Development Class

If a recent statement made by the U.S Department of Labor Statistics is to be believed, the need for application developers in the workplace is going to rise by 28% in 2020, and this means that educational institutions need to accommodate for this need by making the appropriate changes to the programs they are currently offering. Bryant & Stratton College Online is one of the establishments that are now seeking to fill the need for app developers by offering programs that will focus on training individuals who are interested in this field. Mobile Applications … [Read more...]

Cornell’s NYC Tech Campus Gains Former Twitter CTO

Cornell University has made some major leaps and bounds just recently. The brand new technology campus in New York City that has been touted revolutionary, gains former CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Twitter, Greg Pass, who will fill the position of the "Founding Entrepreneurial Officer" at CornellNYC Tech. The New Position & Responsibilities The new campus is collaboration between Cornell University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and Pass will be in charge of creating a network between the academic program and many of the technology firms in … [Read more...]

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble Partner on College Textbook Business

Monday, Microsoft and Barnes & Noble announced their new partnership that may give them the upper hand in the college textbook and e-reader industry against the fierce competition of Apple and The collaboration aims to separate and create a subsidiary of the digital and college business part of the Barnes & Noble bookstore. Microsoft's Buy-In Offer Microsoft is expected to pay an initial $300 million for a 17.6% equity stake, which is valued at $1.7 billion, in this new subsidiary that will finally launch Microsoft into a new area of expertise: … [Read more...]