Coursera’s Free Online Classes to Earn College Credit

Online education got a boost last week when the American Council on Education (ACE) announced the approval of four online courses for transferable college credit. The classes are offered by Coursera, a for-profit online organization that records traditional classroom lectures from various well-reputed colleges throughout the nation. Coursera currently offers more than 200 classes through 33 colleges, though none of them have been transferable for college credit until now. The four newly approved courses include a pre-calculus class from UC Irving, two classes from Duke … [Read more...]

Georgetown University Partners with edX to Offer Free Online Courses

Georgetown University is going to be joining up with the likes of Harvard and MIT to begin offering courses through the online educational platform edX, and this new development has many prospective students delighted at the thought of free online courses. Signing up for a Course According to the Georgetown University Provost, Bob Groves, "Anyone who has internet access could enroll in these courses. The idea is that we use the best professors from the best universities to teach the best courses we can to the world." The Rise of edX edX might have only just … [Read more...]

Khan Academy Releases iOS App with Over 3500 Videos

The Khan Academy has quickly become the go-to site for classes on subjects ranging from mathematics to the social sciences, and although it is already one of the most popular educational sites online, it has yet to find its limits with regards to how big it is going to become. Investments Reaching into the Millions The Khan Academy has already seen investments reaching the $5 million mark from companies such as Google. Students can now choose to access courses via iPad apps and Windows 8 and there are also certain versions of the classes available to Android users. … [Read more...]

Coursera Inspires Arizona Universities to Offer Free Online Classes

In the past few months, Coursera has rapidly been rising in popularity and it recently celebrated its 1 millionth registered user. This platform and other MOOCs are making it possible for millions of students to gain access to courses online, and the best thing about them is that they are absolutely free. The popularity of these new courses is what is making it possible for universities within Arizona, such as Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University to begin considering offering their own educational courses online. Choosing the Online … [Read more...]

Coursera, EdX Put Pressure on Third-World Universities

With the rise of the MOOC, many universities have been put in the position where they need to make a choice about signing up or possibly falling behind this new online education revolution. It seems that there are many institutions that are having issues with platforms such as Coursera and others, and the reason for this might just be the fact that many of these schools are third-world institutions that are worried about being left behind. Educational Revolution Carlos Martinez is a professor within the university of El Salvador where he teaches electrical … [Read more...]

Explaining the MOOC Phenomenon Sweeping Through Higher Education

MOOC have been gaining a lot of renown over the past few months, and many higher education institutions have begun to incorporate them into their every day classes. Some have called "MOOC" a "buzzword" within the field of higher education, and if you don't already know all about it, it's time to get an update on how these 4 words are going to change the world as we know it. Massive Open Online Courses MOOC stand for Massive Open Online Courses and that is just what they are; courses being offered to students all over the world through the medium of the internet. The … [Read more...]

Coursera Now Offers College Credit for Free Online Courses

In a world of skyrocketing tuition costs and a surging demand for higher education, students across the globe are finding it harder than ever to locate affordable college options. That's why Coursera's recent announcement to partner with Antioch University in providing students actual college credit for completing free online courses is making such bold headlines today; this one decision will literally change the scope of online college courses forever and up the pressure even more on other universities to follow suit. So what exactly is Coursera, you ask? Over the … [Read more...]

Harvard EdX Enrolls Near 100,000 Students for Free Online Classes

While Harvard University expected their initial free classes within the edX program to be quite popular, very few expected the 100,000 attendees that are signed up for the first two courses starting this Monday. That's exactly what happened though as students from across the globe registered for the initial offering of computer science, epidemiology, and biostatistics through an online classroom. For those who are not familiar with this program, Harvard University set out to change the course of online learning this summer with the formation of quite an interesting … [Read more...]

Univision Partners with Khan Academy to Help Hispanic Students

"Es el momento" is an initiative that was started by Univision Communications Inc. to provide education on multiple different platforms, and the organization has just made the decision to take this one step further; they will now be partnering with the Khan Academy in order to make the information that is usually available on this site available to Hispanic students. Reaching Out To Students across the World The Khan Academy was established by Salman Khan, and it began as a result of Mr. Khan being aware of the fact of the limitations of many schools around the … [Read more...]

Coursera Reveals Goal of Global Education Movement

When the founder of the online higher education platform, Daphne Koller, was asked about the goals of Coursera in terms of its future, she answered that the aim of the platform is twofold; to uplift those who are struggling financially through education and to make education more easily available to the masses. About a year ago, many might have thought these goals to be unrealistic, but there are already 33 institutions who have signed up with this organization and there is no indication that this growth will slow down any time soon. Getting to Know Daphne … [Read more...]