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President Obama calls for a shakeup in higher education

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In August, President Obama announced an ambitious plan to improve the quality of students' college educations and the quality of the information available to both students and parents. His plan has multiple parts – a college rating system, tougher requirements for students to keep financial aid, and in the years to come, a link between the college ratings and the amount of federal funding available for schools to give to students who need financial aid. The plan includes a scorecard that shows basic information, like graduation rates, the number of students … [Read more...]

Seven Oregon universities prepare for classified workers’ strike

SEIU Local 503. Source:

When classes start on the seven campuses in the Oregon university system, next week, there's a possibility that the incoming students won't be the only new faces on campus. There may be thousands of temporary employees on campus if the Service Employees International Union employees go ahead with a proposed strike. On Sept. 13, the SEIU issued an intent to strike notice, on account of faltering contract negotiations. The union seeks a minimum wage of $2,500 per month for all classified employees, as well as a $75 per month minimum for any raises to classified employee … [Read more...]

Obama Signs Educational Excellence for African Americans Initiative

President Obama made a statement on Wednesday at the National Urban League conference in New Orleans that announced his plans to improve the opportunities that will be made available to African Americans in terms of education, and he intends to prioritize this growth through the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. This new initiative aims to infiltrate every facet of the educational spectrum, from entering school to the preparation for college and entering into the professional field. Sparking a Nationwide Change in Education … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Announces Education Agenda

Just this past Wednesday, Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate, announced his new education agenda at the Latino Coalition's economic summit in Washington. This was one of the first times the topic of education has emerged during the course of Republican campaigning and primaries. Grants Romney referred to the education of minority students as "the civil rights issue of our era", and then he promised to increase teacher quality in 10 federal agencies by consolidating $4 billion in expenditures. The money would be sent to each state as block grants. Block … [Read more...]

Obama Pushes for College Job Training Initiative

Since this is an election year, it is no surprise that hot button issues are being brought up more and more frequently by politicians. Educational reform is amongst the most commonly discussed topics by the president lately; it has been a major part of his political agenda since he ran for election in 2008. It should come as no surprise that Mr. Obama is proposing ideas that college-aged citizens will find appealing since that age group is the primary one that voted for him for his first term as president; he is no doubt looking for a repeat from that crowd to get him a … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Pushes for Cap on College Tuition

According to the Washington Times, public college and university presidents have been on their toes. Ever since President Obama introduced his tuition cap plan two weeks ago, higher education leaders have strongly voiced their disapproval to the proposed conditions that would risk them losing federal dollars should they not cease to raise their tuition each year. Despite these enormous waves of criticism, however, the Obama administration made another whole hearted attempt on Monday to convince students and university administrators of the benefits that can result from … [Read more...]

Obama Threatens to Cut Financial Aid to Colleges

In President Obama's State of the Union Address Tuesday night, he warned that colleges were being put "on notice" for their increasing costs of tuition. He mentioned that students should never have to consider college a luxury and threatened to cut financial aid to colleges if they continued to allow tuition fees to rise. "We can't just keep subsidizing skyrocketing tuition; we'll run out of money," said Obama. "States also need to do their part, by making higher education a higher priority in their budgets. And colleges and universities have to do their part by … [Read more...]

A New York Bill Looks to Make SAT Cheating a Crime

In an effort to combat SAT test fraud in New York, Suffolk County Senator Kenneth LaValle proposed a bill that would create two new felony charges: "scheming to defraud educational testing" and "facilitation of education testing fraud". There would also be a new misdemeanor charge called "forgery of a test" to sway students from attempting to cheat on the college entrance tests. According to the Boston Globe, the person who would be in jeopardy of facing these charges is not the student, but the person who accepts payment to take the test. The bill further requests … [Read more...]

DC Lawmakers Propose Plan Forcing Students to Apply for College

In an eye-opening endeavor to encourage high school students to at least familiarize themselves with the admissions process at colleges, DC lawmakers have proposed a plan that requires them to apply for either a trade school or a college. The proposal would force high school students to apply for at least one institution that provides higher education, regardless of whether or not they want to attend college classes. Kwame Brown, D.C. Council Chairman, introduced the bill on Wednesday, stating that the plan would help students learn the process of applying for student … [Read more...]