Bryant & Stratton College Launches Online Mobile App Development Class

If a recent statement made by the U.S Department of Labor Statistics is to be believed, the need for application developers in the workplace is going to rise by 28% in 2020, and this means that educational institutions need to accommodate for this need by making the appropriate changes to the programs they are currently offering. Bryant & Stratton College Online is one of the establishments that are now seeking to fill the need for app developers by offering programs that will focus on training individuals who are interested in this field.

Mobile Applications Development Degree

Bryant & Stratton College Online has opened its doors to would-be app developers by offering an information technology degree with a focus on app development, with classes beginning in September 2012. The focus of this degree will be mobile technology, and the development of apps from the ground up, and it is believed that graduates will start entering positions within software development companies as vacancies within these departments begin to open up. Since app developing is a relatively new concept, it is thought that there is a lot of room for these courses and professionals to grow, and qualifications such as these will allow professionals a fighting chance within the industry of their choice.

Bryant & Stratton College Launches Information Technology Associate Program

In order to allow individuals the opportunity to compete in the ever-changing world of IT, Bryant & Stratton are also offering an IT Associate degree that will allow students the opportunity to prepare for the technologically-related demands within the corporate world, and provide them with the chance to broaden their skills sets, as well as widen the opportunities that are made available to them.

Scholarships Offered To Technology Students

In order to promote the study of Information Technology within Bryant & Stratton, the online institution is now offering scholarships to students who are already enrolled in their first year of a qualification relating to IT. Recent studies have proven that scholarships and other forms of financial aid have been very effective in motivating students to sign up for higher education courses, all the while contributing to higher course scores.

In order to determine whether they are eligible to apply for the IT based courses offered by Bryant & Stratton, students may want to contact the institution directly. This institution now offers a range of qualifications, including 5 bachelor’s degree courses, 11 associate’s degree courses and a wide range of online certifications which range from criminal justice to IT.