Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Launches Executive MBA Program

A recent announcement made by Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is making waves in the educational industry; while the Berkley-Columbia Executive M.B.A might have been broken up less than half a year ago, the announcement of the new M.B.A for executives will begin in May of next year, and it will entail a program that lasts for 19 months, with classes gathering every three weeks for 3 days. The program will not only include a rather intense problem solving session, it will also include field trips to Washington D.C and Asia.

Berkeley and Columbia Part Ways

For the past ten years, Columbia’s business school and Berkley have been collaborating with each other to offer the joint program, but it seems that the differences between the two establishments have finally brought about a decision to part ways. Once the class graduates during the winter, the program will come to an end but this doesn’t mean that students will go without this opportunity; they will simply need to turn to another program that offers the same benefits, and it seems as if Berkeley is on the right track with regards to their offerings.

Students Should Expect To “Get Their Hands Dirty”

The executive direction of the M.B.A program being offered by Berkeley, Jon Kaplan, states that a course on innovation will be included as part of the offerings, and students should look forward to the chance that they will have to “get their hands dirty”. These specific classes will begin in 2014, and it is very likely that the students will get involved with a company in the area to do so. Those that are going to be attending the course will probably have about 12 to 15 years experience within the field, according to Haas, but the classes are set to challenge their views and skill sets within this industry.

Columbia Proves No Threat

Haas has commented on the fact that many expect Columbia’s pool of applicants to be in competition with the new program, but he believes that this will not be the case. He thinks that since most of the students will come from the Pacific Rim area, as well as the west coast, that students who considered applying for the Berkeley-Columbia program will not make up the majority of the applicants. In response to where he feels most of the competition will arise from, he stated that it will probably stem from the Penn’s San Francisco campus, and the University of California.

Berkeley’s Expectations for the Upcoming Year

Haas believes that around s70 students will enroll for the course, and this will come at a cost of about $145,000. The final details concerning tuition will still need to be finalized, but the establishment is abuzz with preparations to begin this new exciting chapter of the university’s history. While students wait to begin the new, innovative course, university officials are in the process of ironing out the final kinks but they seem set to begin on time, with the determination that can only stem from an institution that is this passionate about business.