Bentley University Named US Researcher for Global Sustainability Project

Bentley University is one of America’s number one business schools. Their students have a broad range of technical skills and a wide global perspective that helps them to make a difference in a world that is always changing. These things, coupled with the staff and students high ethical standards, lead Bentley to be chosen as a member of a team of global researchers. This team is comprised of universities from the Middle East, China, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Their main goal is to asses sustainability of specific multinational business that participates in the LEAD program. This program was developed by the United Nations as an extension of the Global Compact Initiative.

Founded in the year 2000, the Global Compact was developed as a response to the world’s problems which were growing more complex. The United Nations came to the conclusion that they could not properly deal with all the issues that surrounded human rights, labor, the environment and world corruption on their own. These conclusions lead them to engage companies all over the world to lend a hand in these important areas and thus the LEAD program was developed. This new program was made up of 56 businesses that surfaced as a leader in the Global Compact by dedicating themselves to showing examples of sustainable efforts by way of tangible evidence. Bentley has been chosen as North America’s partner in research for the LEAD program. Bentley University was selected by a conglomerate made up of the United Nations, the United Kingdom’s Ashridge Business School, and the Academy of Business in Society. Bentley’s efforts are led by Buono who has been named the official coordinator of the Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility.

This request was made by the United Nations to make sure that the Global Compact program stays a viable way to promote the causes that are important to them. Since the Global Compact program is a initiative based on voluntary actions, no business is under any sort of contract to make good on their commitments. It is also noteworthy that the United Nations is not a regulatory agency. This is the main reason that the United Nations is asking business universities such as Bentley to use observations, interviews and archived data to ensure that Global Compact agreements are being met by businesses all over the world. Bentley and other business colleges are affiliated with the Principles for Responsible Management Education and this is what makes them trusted partners in keeping the Global Compact intact. So far so good; all participants, including Bentley University, are meeting the expectations set forth by LEAD for the citizens of the world and the stakeholders in the businesses.

In addition to doing a great service to the United Nations and the world as a whole, Bentley University is also helping to create some of the greatest and most ethical business minds of our time. With the college taking place in such an important program, it is expected that enrollment in the MBA graduate program will go up as more and more students wish to be involved in something that is bigger than themselves.