Amazon to Rent Print Edition Textbooks to College Students

Textbooks have always been one of the biggest expenses for students seeking a higher education, and Inc. is set to assist them with this by offering students the opportunity to “rent” the textbooks that they need, and upon the return of the books, students will receive around 70% back of the costs of these materials.

Renting Textbooks From

According to the company, the average student will pay about $183.39 for a biology textbook, but they can get their hands on the same book for the rental fee of $47.25. Students will rent books per semester, but they are welcome to extend their rental at an added cost. Once a student has returned their book to the company, they will be provided with Amazon gift cards for the outstanding amount that is owed to them. In order for students to be able to take advantage of this opportunity, they will simply rent their books through their own personal account, labeled “Your Textbook Rentals”, with Amazon providing them with reminders via email when the time comes for them to return the books.

Returning Rented Textbooks

In order for students to be able to keep up with the standards that Amazon will uphold for the rental of textbooks, they will need to ensure that the textbooks remain in sound condition before returning them. This will include that students take care not to break the spines, mark the books or damage them with water. Other than this, Amazon will ensure that they uphold their usual policies in terms of purchases, which includes a free return within 30 days after a purchase has been made.

Once a student makes the decision to return a specific textbook to the store, they will then be able to make use of prepaid shipping labels provided by the company, so that they can return the items at no charge; students can choose to do this through the U.S Postal Services or through UPS.

Renting Digital Textbooks

Students who are interested in obtaining their textbooks through digital devices such as the Kindle also have the opportunity to do so when they rent their books through Amazon. Those that are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should ensure that they have the Kindle reading app installed before renting an e-textbook through Amazon, and students can expect to pay around $40.54 for their Kindle rental. The Rental period will range from 30 to 360 days, but extensions can be applied for should the students require the book for a longer period of time.

Making Higher Education More Affordable

In a day and age when higher education is so costly, students need to ensure that they take advantage of every opportunity to save money, and renting textbooks might just prove to be very handy. Since students often require a range of books, which they will most commonly use for a semester before discarding the item, companies such as Amazon are taking this opportunity to assist them in being able to get their hands on the necessary materials without having to break the bank in the process.