Amazon to Offer Tuition Reimbursement in ‘Well Paying’ Fields

For many years now, companies have improved the quality of the work provided by their staff members by paying for their tuition, but Amazon is set to take this to a whole new level. According to the CEO, Jeff Bezos, the company will pay employees up to 95% of their tuition fees – but this is only the case if they make the decision to obtain a qualification in a high paying field.

The U.S Bureau Of Labor Statistics

Amazon will obtain information relating to the pay grade, as well as the demand, of various types of positions within the workforce from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, and this is what they are going to use to determine whether employees have made the right decision with regards to their studies. Bezos is confident about this program, and he has stated that the company aims to reimburse employees for their courses regardless of whether they fall into the scope of services provided by the company itself. This means that employees have the opportunity to determine whether or not they would like to enter into a completely different industry, and their own company will be providing them with the chance to make this happen by taking care of the costs of their studies. The programs that will be made available to prospective students will include nursing, among others.

Who Is Eligible For This Opportunity?

In order to be able to take advantage of these opportunities, employees will need to have worked for Amazon for a minimum of 3 years. Upon applying for a course, the company will provide funding for up to $2,000 per year for a total of 4 years. Employees can also make the decision to choose between brick-and-mortar courses or those that are offered through the online medium, and this allows them to pick the program that will work best for their specific situation. Since the financial aspects of the course will have been taken care of, the flexibility of online courses will give them the added benefit of studying according to their own schedule.

Enhancing Skills Sets Through Education

Bezos believes that individuals do not always have the time to improve their skills and enhance their education on their own, and this is what makes this such an exciting opportunity. Employees usually have to deal with time constraints, as well as financial difficulties, and so they often put their studies off. By allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of a course that will allow them to build a bright future, Amazon is doing their part to educate those that would otherwise not have received this chance.

Amazon’s Safety Concerns

Amazon might be taking great strides in improving the lives of their employees, but it was not long ago that rumors began surfacing about warehouses without air condition and employees who were subject to sweltering conditions within these buildings. These reports turned out to be true and the company subsequently spent about $52 million installing the appropriate ventilation systems within their warehouses. According to Bezos, however, the safety measures that have now put in place means that Amazon is a safer place to work that a more traditional department store.