How Much Money Can a Student Really Save by Attending Online College?

There are, of course a variety of ways in which a student can save money by taking online courses. It is a common misconception, however, that all online courses will generally always offer savings in regards to tuition to their students. There are a few simple ways you can save by attending college online.

Scholarships and Grants

One of the first and most important things you can do to save money when attending any college is to apply for scholarships and grants. Obviously, there is a huge potential for savings when you are receiving free college financial aid that does not need to be paid back. Scholarships are offered to students who excel at certain subjects, hobbies, or sports. There are actually a wide variety of organizations that have scholarships available for their members. There are millions of unclaimed dollars out there for potential students; it surely cannot hurt you to apply. Grants are generally offered by the state you live in; however that is not the only means of obtaining them. Even though people tend to think they do not have the ability to reap the benefits of these funding options, it never hurts to apply. Your situation may be less important to them than you think. There are real people that take these applications into consideration and there are generally minimal rules –especially with scholarships.

Attending an Institute in Your Own State

It never seems to fail that institutes which are outside of your state (especially those who are for-profit) cost a whole heap more than the schools local to you. Out-of-state tuition rates are always going to be much more expensive. If you would like to see savings while attending college, it is a good idea to look into the schools local to you. Many community colleges and universities offer online classes to help those in need of the flexibility at home; and many of those schools offer whole degrees online. However, if you do look into taking courses out of state, make sure to compare college rankings as well as tuition. A good, solid education will pay off in the end over a cheap and easy one.

Student ID cards Offer Students Savings

Most, if not all, reputable schools offer savings to their students via a student ID card. You will reap the savings benefits at the school, at local businesses in your home town, online, and at various other places as well; all for simply being a student. Most companies are very encouraging to students; some offer discounted or free computer programs such as Microsoft Office for students and Photoshop. Restaurants are usually ready and willing to offer students discounts and public transportation also contributes to students by offering free rides around the city. There are many savings to be had using a student ID card.

Popular Online Schools

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There is no doubt that you will save a great amount of money on parking by attending college online. The savings you will see are often unbelievable. Many schools charge more than $200 per month for parking alone. Generally, parking costs are much less than this amazing figure, but you get the idea. Parking at a college -sometimes nowhere near any of your classes- can be very pricy!


One of the most popular advantages that online college classes can offer is the superb amount of savings when it comes to books. A few online schools require an actual text book, but many of them have no issue with their students using an available e-book. It is rare for a college to absolutely require the paper book, so students save a lot of money by having the ability to do everything completely online.

Off-Campus Living

Living off-campus tends to be cheaper than traditional university living. Students who live on campus tend to spend, and spend, and spend! Not to mention, universities can be quite expensive, depending on the school you choose, when it comes to dorm costs and meal plans. Living off-campus can prove to offer some serious savings for those looking to study without the college “experience”. However, if you are after the experience and lifestyle that college life brings, it is highly recommended to attend a university, as the experience far outweighs the cost.

Save Money by Not Eating On-The-Go

Learning makes a person hungry! Snacking along the way, buying from vending machines and the school cafeteria, as well as eating a fast lunch in between classes at a traditional school can get quite pricey. By staying home and learning in a more stable environment, you have healthier and much more cost effective food available to you – win-win!

Free Online Classes

I am sure you have definitely heard all the rage about free online learning. Many worry that these courses cannot offer them much in comparison to “real” (ie: paid for) classes, considering they are free. However, it is actually quite the contrary. Free online classes are offered by a variety of online schools, including most of the Ivy Leagues! And with the right counseling and advisement from the school you are attending, you can transfer in those free classes as credits. What a way to get some serious savings!

There are many ways to enhance your education without spending so much money right in the convenience of your own home. Although online classes can be a bit more expensive (depending on the school), there are various ways in which you can see a hefty amount of savings. All you have to do is simply pay attention to your actions and make sure to reap all the benefits online college has to offer.