Online Systems Engineering Programs

Online systems engineering programs teach students the techniques and processes required to design and manage complicated engineering systems. Those who may benefit most from these programs should be mathematical, scientific, and work well in teams. Systems engineering degree programs are available online at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, with select schools also offering a certificate option.

Individuals who graduate with a degree or certificate in systems engineering may seek employment in industries such as biomedicine, defense, computer science, and aerospace. Programs may provide the opportunity to pursue a career as a systems engineer, project manager, technology officer, or an operations research specialist.

Available Degree Levels

  • Certificate: One to two years to complete
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Four years to complete
  • Master’s Degree: One to two years to complete
  • Doctoral Degree: Three to five years to complete

Online certificate programs in systems engineering may provide students with the skills needed to refine their approach to project management and systems management. Certificate programs are traditionally geared towards professionals, such as program managers and project managers, who wish to hone their skills or gain a competitive edge in their profession. Possible coursework may include principles of problem solving, fundamentals of modern systems engineering, and design of experiments.

Students interested in an online bachelor’s degree in systems engineering may learn the skills needed to create and maintain systems, ensuring that the needs of a customer are met. Bachelor’s degree programs may be beneficial to those who have an aptitude for math and physics, but also have an interest in business and processing systems. Coursework may include engineering mathematics, computer science, and operations research.

Master’s degree systems engineering programs may integrate advanced coursework in the science of systems engineering with the opportunity for students to pursue a concentration in a focus area. Some areas of specialization may include management of complex systems, systems architecting, and enterprise systems engineering. Courses may cover system conceptual design, management of systems projects, and system test and evaluation.

Online doctoral programs in systems engineering may consist of research-heavy coursework, utilizing simulation and control theory to conduct systems experiments. Doctoral-level students may choose to focus in a particular area of systems engineering, such as automation and robotics, computational biology, and information sciences. Possible coursework may include dynamic systems theory, molecular bioengineering, and structural bioinformatics.

Career Options

Individuals who graduate from systems engineering programs may have the skills needed to clearly communicate ideas, understand management techniques, and analyze conceptual data. Graduates of systems engineering programs may have the training necessary to pursue a career in aerospace, government defense, or biomedicine. Additionally, these programs may equip students with the knowledge to gather information needed for a system, design a system, and then apply probability and analysis to test the system.

Possible career fields include:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • Operations Research Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer

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