Online Architecture Programs

Online architecture programs teach students how to prepare, design, and create building specifications. Individuals who pursue an online architecture degree should be analytical, organizational, technical, and creative. Architecture degree programs are available online at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, while some schools may offer a graduate certificate option.

Graduates of online architecture programs may seek employment in areas such as the engineering or architectural fields. Upon graduation, individuals may have the knowledge, training, and skills needed to secure a job as an architect, interior designer, surveyor, building contractor, or architectural drafter.

Available Degree Levels

  • Certificate: One to two years to complete
  • Associate Degree: Two years to complete
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Four years to complete
  • Master’s Degree: One to two years to complete
  • Doctoral Degree: Three to five years to complete

Students enrolled in online graduate certificate programs merge the business aspect of architecture with building and designing structures. These individuals may gain the leadership skills needed to pursue project management positions in the architectural design industry. Typical courses may include architectural law, construction management, leading organizational change, and management accounting.

Online associate-level programs in architecture may provide students the opportunity to gain extensive training in drafting and design. Individuals who graduate from these programs may pursue entry-level employment or further their education by entering a bachelor’s degree program. Coursework may cover materials and methods, field documentation, building systems, and building codes. Some programs may also include a capstone requirement that requires a portfolio project.

Online bachelor’s degrees in architecture allow students to question, evaluate, and promote design and architecture. These programs combine art education with technology to create sustainable design solutions. Courses may cover strength of materials, basic drawing, project management, and civil engineering.

Master’s degree programs in architecture expand upon baccalaureate programs. These programs may equip students with advanced design skills and may also teach them how to make physical and visual changes to environments. Coursework may include design theory, ecological issues, research methods, and professional practice.

Doctoral-level programs in architecture are typically research-based and may prepare students for teaching or governmental positions in architecture. Students gain leadership skills that they may apply to their career. These programs may focus on computer science theory with architectural-based courses, such as design theory, regional planning, building construction, and environmental design. Select schools may include a dissertation requirement in which students publish their work in professional journals or other research papers.

Career Options

Graduates of online architecture programs may pursue employment opportunities in several environments, including the engineering or the architectural design fields. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, all states require licensure for architects. To obtain licensure, individuals must possess a professional degree in architecture, obtain an internship or other training, and pass the Architect Registration Examination.

Possible career fields include:

  • Landscape Architect
  • Surveyor
  • Architectural Drafter
  • Interior Designer
  • Building Contractor

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