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Technology has become a pervasive component of the world around us. From personal computers to large interconnected computer systems that enable managers to operate their businesses from remote geographical locations, computers are an important component of our modern society. Even though computers are, to some degree, taken for granted for professionals that work in computer information systems professions, the operation and maintenance of computer systems is an integral part of every work day.

Although occupations in computer information systems vary dramatically, all have certain requirements and responsibilities in common. For example, most professionals seeking to enter the field of computer information systems must obtain at least a Bachelors Degree in some field related to computer technology or computer programming. Entrance into the field may also require the professional to keep abreast of changing technology. Because computer technology is a rapidly evolving field, keeping pace with changes in the industry will imperative for career management. Once in the field, professionals will be able to use their expertise to help organizations address a number of technological issues. Developing computer systems, providing network security or providing employees with the technology supports to work from remote locations are just a few of the responsibilities that are included in computer information systems jobs.


In general, careers in computer information systems are numerous. Some of the most popular careers in this field are reviewed here:

Information Systems Managers: Information systems managers are employed in the middle and upper levels of the organization. Positions range from IT manager to chief information officer or CIO of the organization. In these positions, professionals are responsible for overseeing the planning, directing and coordination of computer systems to help improve business operations.

Computer Systems Analysts: Computer systems analysts concentrate on application issues for the organization. Science, engineering and business are all synthesized by systems analysts to provide comprehensive computer support for the organization.

Database Administrators: Database administrators coordinate computer systems in the organization and oversee security.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators: Professionals in these roles install and support computer networks within in the organization. Security measures to protect system assets are also addressed by these individuals.


Salaries for professionals working in computer information systems will be based on the individual’s specific job title and overall level of education required for the position. Because computer information systems personnel are required to have extensive education and expertise in their field, salaries for most careers in this discipline are quite generous. Overall, the highest salaries are provided to professionals that hold management positions and are responsible for overseeing the technology infrastructure of the organization. For example, individuals employed as chief technology officers have median annual salaries of $161,145 while professionals employed a database managers will have median annual salaries of $97,493. Senior computer systems analysts and database architects also command generous salaries: $80.090 and $92,204 respectively. Computer support specialists such as software engineers also command generous salaries, $81,150. Most of the positions in this field are full-time and provide the employee with access to important benefits including health insurance and paid vacation.

Job Outlook

The use of technology in business and society is expected to intensify in the coming years as more organizations adopt computer systems for basic operations. As a result, the need for qualified professionals in all areas of computer information systems is also expected to increase. Job prospects for managers in the field are expected to increase at a faster than average rate through 2018. In order to remain competitive, organizations will need to invest in advanced technology. This too will accelerate demand for professionals working in all areas of the field. While employment opportunities for computer information systems professionals seeking jobs in both public and private organizations will be quite robust in the coming years, professionals may also find notable opportunities for self-employment. Contracting and freelance work in computer systems information is quite common. Individuals willing to provide computer information services on an ad hoc basis will have additional opportunities for employment.

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