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CollegeClasses.com is a platform that aides students in making informed life, educational, and career decisions. We provide information on more than 100 campus-based and online schools, more than 200 subject areas, and more than 1800 programs. We understand the importance of having all the essential tools and information in order to make well-informed decisions. Therefore, we provide additional resources for students such as financial aid help, career guides, accreditation information and our newly relaunched higher education news platform.

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From day one we set out to help prospective students make smarter and more informed decisions. The decision to pursue post-secondary education is often full of obstacles and challenges from deciding on the degree level to choosing a subject area and specialization to figuring out your financial options. In response, we developed one of the most informative and well organized education portals on the web.

We continually update and reconfigure our platform to provide the absolute best and most useful information possible.

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We are excited to announce our newly relaunched higher education news publication. With our growing readership and awesome news journalists we have set out to become one of the most credible and influential higher education news platforms on the web.

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