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CollegeClasses.com is a complimentary online guide that helps students make informed decisions about their education and future career. Every year, we help tens of thousands of prospective students choose the school that best suits their goals, their lifestyle, and their career. Through our comprehensive article directory and our yearly scholarship award program we strive to make higher education more accessible and affordable.

Article Directory

Our team is dedicated to providing the most accurate and insightful information possible in our overall effort to answer prospective student’s education and career based questions. We cover in-depth thousands of educational programs and careers highlighting topics such as program availability, possible coursework, future job growth, potential careers, required skills, expected salaries and much more.

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CollegeClasses.com publishes daily education news, covering topics such as education policy, technology, MOOC’s, events and more. With our growing readership base and our dedicated team of journalists we have set out to become the top online destination for education news.

Scholarship Program

Every year, CollegeClasses.com awards current and future students with thousands of dollars in scholarships awards. In 2014, we awarded $2,500 in total scholarship funds. We hope to continually expand our yearly scholarship program in an effort to help reduce the financial burden of higher education.

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