7 Weird College Classes that Actually Exist

Though education is critically important for personal and professional growth, at times educationalists go overboard and wander into the bizarre territory by offering weird college courses. It would not have been a problem if such bizarre college classes were offered just for fun but the truth is, some colleges do offer such humorous and practically useless college classes to students. What is stranger is the fact that some students actually opt for such courses. The following are some of the most obnoxious college courses offered by traditional and online schools to its students.

1. The Science of Harry Potter

JK Rowling surely must be happy to know that Frostburg State University actually offers a course in The Science of Harry Potter. The only thing worthwhile in this course would be reading the Harry Potter series. The college course emphasizes on how magic really works and tries to demystify the magical spells and magical objects depicted in the book using modern day science.

How about a Transformer class? There is much more science to this and substantial value to this storyline. If your a Harry Potter buff and your looking for a light semester than this class might be for you.

2. Zombies in Popular Media

Movie makers have managed to earn a pretty penny by scaring people with their zombie antics; the same thing cannot be said for students who opt for this real college class. This irregular college course offered by Columbia College Chicago tries to explain the existence of zombies with the help of voodoo and other forms of perceived dark magic.

Zombies are completely fictional but the writers of 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later wrote their plot around the rage virus which we should all hope never occurs. Of course this virus was released by radical environmentalists. Unlike Resident Evil, 28 Days and Weeks Later actually has some genuine science behind them.

3. Cyberporn and Society

Are you addicted to porn and would like to watch it even during the class? Then in all probability, this optional college class is designed by State University of New York at Buffalo keeping just your needs in mind. Students during class actually watch some of the most explicit pornographic content available on the Internet and try to understand how it is going to affect the society at large. A traditional college course in studying Kamasutra is acceptable, so why not a course which deals with the modern form of pornography, some might argue. Before your mind races ahead, the course does not include any practical classes or group exercises.

4. It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Admit it, at one time or the other, you might have become curious to know whether the world actually is going to end on December 21st, 2012. Want to know more? Just head straight towards this honors course offered by Alfred University. The course dwells into the notion of an apocalypse and explores its possibilities using all forms of literature, films, novels, and new age media. Do not be surprised if you happen to meet an expert in the concept of the world’s apocalypse sitting right next to you. You will have to take the class to see if Revelations from the bible is covered.

5. UFOs in American Society

If you are a strong believer that life exists beyond earth and want to learn how different people in American society perceive it, this course is just right for you. This undergraduate course offered by Temple University analyzes how UFOs have affected the American society since the mid-50s and how everyone involved; including the press, the military, focused groups, and the scientific communities have perceived the phenomenon. Do not ask what are your chances of finding a job after completing this course is though.

6. Learning from YouTube

If YouTube is one of the most influential social media platforms and is affecting society, then there certainly is a scope to study this new age media in detail. Offered by the Pitzer College as a part online college course and part traditional college course, students who enroll in this course make videos, post them on YouTube, create online communities, and study the impact of YouTube as a media in the real world.

7. How to Watch Television

Despite being in a graduate course, if you don’t know how to watch television, this elective major course just might be the thing you are looking for. Offered by Montclair State University, the course helps students learn how to watch and consume the entertainment that is offered through television. Thankfully, students are not turned into couch potatoes during this course since it requires just just three hours of their educational life.

This is not the exhaustive list of weird and bizarre college classes that you can attend. You can even study the philosophy of The Simpsons, learn to strategize for the World of Warcraft, or explore the world of alien sex. But as what was said before, taking a class such as this can just add some entertainment to your overall learning experience.