10 Tips for Engaging in Massive Online Open Courses

When you make the decision to enroll in one of the many Massive Online Open Courses, or MOOC’s, you will quickly come to realize that these classes present both challenges and benefits. In order to make the most of these classes, you might want to make use of these 10 tips that will assist you in turning this experience into a rewarding one.

1. Connecting with other students

Attending any type of class is easier when you have others motivating you to continue returning, as well as to continue putting in the time and effort to complete the course. Through forums or other social media sites, get to know other students who are enrolled in these classes; be sure to communicate regularly with them so that you can take turns motivating each other to continue returning to the course.

2. Become actively involved

There are many ways to become an active participant of the MOOC’s, and these include becoming involved in the discussions that are constantly taking place on the forums, as well as offering a helping hand to other students. It is important to remember, however, that when you become involved in discussions, you don’t have to go through every comment made by every learner on the forum; stick to the most important points. Similarly, when you are in the process of posting your own comments, be concise and to the point.

3. Adding your own content

As you get a better idea of what the course is about, you can begin adding some content of your own; this could include interesting videos or even notes that you find have helped you through the course.

4. Ask questions

There might be many times when you fail to understand something that is being relayed to you, and this is a great time to ask some questions. Don’t be afraid that others will think you are slow to catch on – you might actually be asking questions that other students are afraid to bring up themselves.

5. Set up a separate email address

Don’t use your regular email address as a form of communication when you sign up for the MOOC’s – you might quickly find that you begin to feel overwhelmed by all of the information piling up and you could miss out on some important emails. Set up a separate account that will be used just for your studies.

6. Set your goals

Decide what you want from these courses: credits? Additional knowledge on a subject of interest?

7. Compile a schedule and stick to it

When studying online, you are in charge of your schedule. When you set up your own study schedule, be sure to stick to it or you’ll end up falling behind.

8. Remain committed

An online course is not going to be a walk in the park; be sure to commit yourself to completing your course, even when the going gets tough.

9. Improve your job prospects

While the concept of MOOC’s is still new, there are many rumors flying around that employers might actually be taking notice of star pupils.

10. Enjoy the process

The most important thing about an MOOC is the fact that it is being used to expand the knowledge of learners all over the world – enjoy the process of expanding your own knowledge.